Flythomascook - £10 off flight prices for 2011

Flythomascook - £10 off flight prices for 2011

Found 29th Aug 2010
£10 off per sector for flights booked while promotion is on.
I booked flights from Glasgow and Gatwick to Antalya, Turkey for £59.99 for September 2011. Cheaper from late Sept.
Can change at any time.
Re inbound flights - when I put in 'return flights' it worked out £11 more expensive than booking inbound flight seperately. Inbound flights are in Euros.
£5 off per booking using Topcashback or Quidco.
I decided not to come back using Aegean/Onur Air even though they were cheaper. I felt safer using Thomas Cook.

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oh is that a Glasgow Tram?
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