FM Transmitter: £7.49 delivered @ Paramountzone
FM Transmitter: £7.49 delivered @ Paramountzone

FM Transmitter: £7.49 delivered @ Paramountzone

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I've been looking for an FM Transmitter for a while, and this is about the cheapest I could find. Description from the site:-

This fantastic little gizmo (measure about 7cm long) lets you play your 4 million most favourite tunes on your MP3 player through your car audio system or indeed any FM radio. We tested quite a few FM transmitters before deciding on this one. So, what separates this from the rest?

Many FM transmitters only allow you to select from around 4 hard coded channels, so if they already have a broadcast on them in your area you will get very poor quality sound. However, this model has full digital tuning, meaning you can take advantage of around 200 channel options. The sound quality is superb, and it even comes with a 12v car cigarette lighter adapter so you can save on batteries when using it in the car.

If you prefer not to take the 12v power adapter with you you can just power it by using 2 AAA batteries. Whether you're in the car or out in the garden, you'll have simple and quality access to all the tunes on your Mp3 player. It's compatible with all MP3 or MP4 players.

This FM Transmitter gadget wirelessly connects portable music players to your car or home stereo quickly and easily. Just plug the FM Transmitter into the headphone jack of your MP3 or any audio source including your PDA, PC, Laptop, and then just tune the stereo to the clearest FM frequency and "Bobs your uncle" enjoy your digital music with full stereo sound. Approx 7cm long.

Take your tunes on tour!


There are dozens of variations of this sort of thing around, [url]www.dealextreme.com[/url] has loads to choose from eg. dealextreme.com/det…102 for $7.50 (£5.27) Delivered

Have you ever actually used one of these?

I bought one (the Belkin) and found it to be useless. Unless you live in the countryside, you'll find that there are very few 'free' FM frequencies. I live in London and there are almost none. When you do find one, it'll be nesting between two local radio stations and only if you're lucky will you be able to hear your music without interference.

But THEN, you start the car and move off, and within a couple of miles or so you're now in another 'zone' where that frequency is now in use and you have re-tune.

Re-tuning is not easy, and should not, ever, be done while driving. You have to seek up to a new free channel on you radio (which has to be done manually), and then when you find it, go to the device and move the frequency up to match. This takes time, because it involved holding the button down until you reach the frequency, while you watch it all the time.

Once you're connected, and you have missed part of what you were listening to, you wind back on the iPod, or whatever, to where you lost the signal.

A few miles on .. repeat until you throw the damned thing out of the window. The only exception to this that I have found is when I've been driving out in the countryside, a long way from major conurbations. Then I have managed just over half an hour before having to retune.

The only use for these is to be able to play your iPod at home through your tuner if you don't have an auxiliary input. It's a good idea in principle, but in practice it's a waste of money.

My two penn'orth, anyway.

I do use these, I have 2 one from play.com & one from dealextreme.

In Surrey / Berks I use 107.2 which seems to be clear of most signals, I guess that if you travel a lot it may be a problem

Hope this helps

Not out the window in the glovebox!
Bought 2 of these for our cars from play.com £1.99 each and they are c***!

I have Used various types of these including this one , and if you live in London like me , they are utter rubbish , full bleed over hiss and crackle , you spend ages finding the best Frq then its goes tits up again ..

But Saying that I have the Pure Highway Radio and thats not much better .. Sorry Cold


Have you ever actually used one of these? ...useless. Unless you live in … Have you ever actually used one of these? ...useless. Unless you live in the countryside...within a couple of miles or so you're now in another 'zone' where that frequency is now in use and you have re-tune....My two penn'orth, anyway.

I'm sure you're correct regarding living in London - but I commute between Southend and Outer London with a few trips aound the M25 and have no problems. (I got mine from Deal eXtreme occasionally it will get a little hissy - but a mile or so further on is OK).

The real pain in my version is that when I use an SD card it will reset to the start of the track when I turn off the engine - not an issue with songs but no good with iPlayer / Podcasts.


IIn Surrey / Berks I use 107.2 which seems to be clear of most signals

I use the same frequency in Essex.

Original Poster

Was fine for me going up the M1 tonight starting in St. Albans. A couple of times I got some breakthrough for a few seconds, but as I was using the default/first frequency, I suspect that was just from people doing the same thing in the other direction.
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