Foals - Antidotes CD £2.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi
Foals - Antidotes CD £2.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

Foals - Antidotes CD £2.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

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It's hardly the cure for anything but Antidotes, the debut album from Oxford's Foals, is a strong addition to the eternal tradition of dance-friendly art rock most recently exemplified by Franz Ferdinand and Klaxons. The five ex-public schoolboys that make up Oxford's Foals are hardly lacking self-confidence--comically cocky frontman Yannis Phillipakis could annoy for the nation and the band rejected producer David Sitek's original mix--but Antidotes is anything but pony. After spending their youth in rigorous "math rock" outfits, Foals started out in 2005 with the stated intention of having fun. Rather delightfully, this amounted to the discovery that audiences are well disposed to acts they can dance to. A clutch of well-received singles and a guest spot on popular sixth-form satire Skins sealed their popularity. Their origins in academic rock are sometimes obvious, but fine drummer Jack Bevan keeps things moving throughout. Opener "The French Open", with its gleeful chanted vocals (in French) and fashionable Afrobeat tinged guitar lines, evokes Talking Heads' dada nonsense classic "I Zimbra", itself older than any Foal. First top thirty hit "Cassius" saw jazz-punk back in the charts for the first time since that perennial football crowd favourite "Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag". "Olympic Airways" is a charming if oblique tale of escape that couldn't be further from the bus stop/chip shop style while "Red Socks Pugie" already sounds like a single in waiting.
1.The French Open
3.Red Socks Pugie
4.Olympic Airways
5.Electric Bloom
7.Heavy Water
8.Two Steps, Twice
9.Big Big Love (Fig.2)
10.Like Swimming


Never heard of them.

Nor me and I'm not sure five ex-public schoolboys chanting French with fashionable Afrobeat tinged guitar lines will be my thing. In fact I'm sure it won't . . .

This is actually a very good album. Their indie rock take on math rock is definitely worth trying if you enjoy rock music at all. I have had the pleasure of seeing them live at Latitude last year, and they put on an excellent performance.

Heat added, as this is very cheap for an album that was only released last year.

Yeah, this isn't a great album overall but there's some awesome tracks on it (pretty much tracks 3-6). I never thought I'd like the sort of music they play but I heard a couple of songs and they got me hooked.

It's not all chanting in French with afrobeat tinged guitar lines (thankfully!)

Well worth the price here. Nice find!!!

(Check out ]this video of the track Olympic Airways if you're unsure)

Balloons is my fav, good price for a decent album. Heat+rep.

Great album. Hot!

Cheers, been after this for a while. Well, actually, was waiting for the Limited edition to come down in price but for £11 less will just get the standard edition!


Balloons is my fav, good price for a decent album. Heat+rep.

Yeah I like Balloons a lot too but Cassius is probably my fave.

This is a very good record. What sound like the weak links are actually pretty good after a few listens.

Great tuned and good live as well unusuall sound

i think this is a bloody good album, i mean its worth it for Red Socks Pugie alone, such a catchy rhythm

red sock pugie all the way

nooo.. just checked and it's back up to £8.75!!
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