Foam 20cm Football instore only @ Tesco 63p

Foam 20cm Football instore only @ Tesco 63p

LocalFound 28th May 2017
Softer than a Premiership footballer but bounces back up quicker. This 20cm foam football is actually great value for money too!

White stickered in my Kirkwall branch so should be national price. I paid £2 for this earlier this year and kids love it even if the hallway's lampshades don't.
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I completely disagree. Premiership footballers are definitely softer!
Cor these bring back memories! Jumpers for goalposts, half time orange segments etc.. but actually mostly trying to squeeze it to fit in your closed hand
Oh the memories of playing with these in the playground, particularly when it was raining and they would absorb the water, where it then became a tag! you're it! game with the unlucky boy (or girl in my case) who was on the receiving end of the soggy football >
Yes just what I needed for my little girl
lol I remember playing with one which soaked up water broke all my friends fingers on one hand !! Those were the days !!! (_;)
Full price in gateshead
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