Focal Point Piano Black Glass Flueless Gas Fire Was £499.99 NOW £299.99 @ Screwfix dotd (today only)

Focal Point Piano Black Glass Flueless Gas Fire Was £499.99 NOW £299.99 @ Screwfix dotd (today only)

Found 10th May 2010
The frontpage is showing the correct price but it still baskets at full price, I expect the web guys to sort this after 9am. Or to be sure of one drop into your local outlet and order there as they will be sure to be clearing the stocks for the summer.

Living flame Gas Fire. Glass fascia. Part J and Part L compliant.

* Up to 100% Heat Efficiency
* Wall Hung
* 1 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
* W x D x H: 819 x 169 x 505mm
* Flame Failure & Oxygen Depletion Safety Devices
* Must be Fitted by a Gas Safe Register Engineer

Fire and fascia.

Flueless gas. Manual ignition. Catalytic converter. Side control. Max heat output: 2.6kW. Fixings included. Weight 20kg.
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When you click through and add it to the basket, it shows as £499

When you click through and add it to the basket, it shows as £499

Please read the first paragraph of the deal ;-)
Deal of the day is showing as an oil filled radiator now for me!
I wouldn't have a Flueless fire.

The problem with a flueless fire is what happens when the filter clogs up? How do you know there's not a problem with the filter? If the filter fails the fire will pump CO (Carbon Monoxide), into the room, there's no flue (it's 'flueless' remember), there's nowhere else for the CO to go. Gas fires need air to work. They 'pull' in air from the room and burn it with gas. The gases you're left with are toxic (CO), and (in a normal gas appliance), they are removed to the outside of the property via a flue. A 'flueless' appliance cannot remove the toxic gases to outside so it runs the gases through a filter (catalytic converter), and then pumps the clean air back into the room. Gas fires are fitted with a safety device that can detect CO air going into the fire and as such will shut the fire down but that device has been 'fooled' before.

There was a case a few years ago where a Gas Engineer had fitted a flueless fire and placed a vent (as is required under the regs). The problem was the vent was in just the right place (or rather, wrong place), to provide the ASD (the safety device), with nice clean air! Remember the fire burns and pulls air into the appliance. If the gas it is pushing back into the room becomes vitiated (air that is compromised by dirty gases such as CO), then the Safety Device (ASD), will sense that 'dirty air' and shut down the appliance. The problem in this case was the appliance was pulling air straight in from the vent and this nice clean air ran across the ASD and the ASD sensed it was 'clean air' which it was. But the room mean while was filling up with CO! The result was a young woman died. The fire was working correctly and the ASD was doing it's job correctly! I must add however that the engineer in this case had failed to 'gas rate' the appliance which resulted in the filter 'sooting up' quicker than it would normally.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... if you want one of these fires ensure you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in the room and test the Detector EVERY WEEK! And make sure you have the fire serviced by a 'Gas Safe' registered engineer at the manufactures recommended intervals.

Sorry to sound like I'm lecturing guys! I just want people to be safe. And these fires 'can' be safe but you must treat them with the respect they require.
I agree with the above,
Dont forget the vent that is essential for the fire's safety.... BUT it brings fresh cold air into the room 24/7, wether the fire is on or not, and must never be blocked off.
I've heard that British Gas wont fit flueless fires either?
Dont know if anyone on here can confirm that or not??
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