Focal - Sib & Cub 5.1 Speaker Package - £499.95 @ Nintronics

Focal - Sib & Cub 5.1 Speaker Package - £499.95 @ Nintronics

Found 22nd Apr 2011
Focal - Sib & Cub 5.1 Speaker Package - Jet Black

The Focal Sib 5.1 pack is a home cinema speaker package, featuring 5 Focal Sib speakers and the thundering Focal Cub2 subwoofer, now available in black or white. The Sib has become a musical reference for high quality playback since its introduction. They may be small, but the Sibs pack a powerful punch and are ideal as front, centre and rear speakers in a home cinema set-up.

Due to their size, you can also fit them into smaller spaces and they go very well with many LCD and plasma screen. The Sib 5.1 package delivers all the realism and musical transparency of larger Focal speakers in a small, stylish and affordable speaker package!

Size (WxHxD): Sib: 14x25x16cm; Cub 2: 30x33x30cm
Weight: Sib: 2.1kg; Cub2: 11kg
Drivers: Sib: 1x13cm Polyflex bass cones, 1x9mm Mylar dome tweeter; Cub2: 21cm Polyflex bass cone
Frequency response (+/- 3dB): Sib: 75Hz-20kHz; Cub2: 40Hz-150Hz
Sensitivity (2,8V/1 m): Sib: 90.dB
Nominal impedance: Sib: 8 ohms
Maximal power handling: Sib: 75W; Cub2: integrated 150W BASH amplifier

£300 off, and its a pretty high end make.

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I owned these about 7-8 years ago, not sure if the model has been updated in that time or not but they were amazing speakers. I had them paired with a £6-700 pioneer amp at the time.
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