Focus DIY Clearance Sale - Instore Only

Focus DIY Clearance Sale - Instore Only

Found 7th Mar 2009
On shoppping at Focus today (07/03/09) in their "neverending" clearance sale, I was told that Sunday 8th March was indeed the last day and I certainly picked up many bargains. Too many to list out here, but for example tins of good quality paint for 20p, security systems for 50p, paint and grain for £1.50 to name but a few.
I was told that it is happening nationwide and anything not sold by the end of the day will be given to charity.


not on website?

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Added to title, as instore only.

Thanks for post will take a drive to see what bargains I get. heat added

i went yesterday.
still had a bit of stock left over but the prices weren't knocked down as much as you're saying

Went upto my local tonight and bought loads of bargains, 5lt all weather exterior paint £1 , lots of different things for 10p each such as pirahna jigsaw blades. :thumbsup:

Down to focus first thing in the morning!


Down to focus first thing in the morning!

You and me both :thumbsup:

Great thanks, not much left a mine though, but got curtain poles for £2.00, Dulux one coat paint for £2.00, the man when i was in there was putting all the prices down, gonna pop back at 3.30, only 5 mins walk up the road!! Thanks OP.

Got a workmate for £1 and 5Litres of external masonry paint for 10p!!

thanks very much went yesterday (sunday) I got my brother skirting board for 50p! hes doing his house up so it come in handy!
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