Foehn & Hirsch 3 Years Warranty Glossy Black 22" LCD TV USB Media Player/Recorder/Playback & Freeview £144.99 @ Ebuyer

Foehn & Hirsch 3 Years Warranty Glossy Black 22" LCD TV USB Media Player/Recorder/Playback & Freeview £144.99 @ Ebuyer

Found 23rd Apr 2010
Foehn & Hirsch 3 Years Warranty Glossy Black 22" LCD TV USB Media Player/Recorder/Playback & Freeview
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Screen size: 22"
Super High Definition VGA: 1680 x 1050
Aspect ratio: 16:10
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
Viewing Angle: 85/85/80/80
Response time: 5ms
High tech signal process HD Ready TV supporting up to 1080p signal

Digital Switch Over ready
Tuning system: DVB-T(MHEG5) / PAL
Antenna impedance: VHF/CATV/UHF 75hz¸ unbalanced
Number of channel: 100(Analog), 400(Digital)

Automatic Volume Level Control
Speakers x 2
Audio power: 2 x 3w

RF: TV/CATV 75ohms coaxial x 1
Video In: RCA 75ohms composite video x 1
YPbPr component input x 1
Audio In: L/R RCA-1

Scart: RGB/CVBS in, CVBS out x 1

HDMI x 1 Supporting 1080P input

Other Features

7 days Electrical Programme Guide
Last Channel recall
Automatic tuning
Sleep timer
OSD Menu Multi-language
Audio mute
Nicam Stereo

Power supply: AC 220V 50hz
Power consumption: 55w

Front cabinet: Glossy Piano black
VESA compatible: VESA 75

Detachable base

Glossy color Box
User's Manual on CD

Easy Setup Guide

Remote control
Batteries Included 1.5V(AAA)x2

Size of TV with stand (W x H x D) 55cm x 44.5cm x 17.5cm.
Net weight with stand: 4.5kg
Size of TV without stand (W x H x D): 55cm x 41cm x 8cm.
Net weight without stand: 4.2kg

Three Years Warranty


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I can't find any info on the record features on this thing, or what it will play back. Does is record to USB, and you can put a hard drive on it?

Am I missing the description?

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no i think your right, i cant see that information either except in the header. been going through reviews and have yet to come accress it.

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Found this on an older review on here

"Recording on this tv actually captures the stream at what ever the bitrate of the channel that is being broadcast and captures at 25fps.btw using a usb 1 pen you will get a warning its not fast enuff but it will still record without any problems. Sound quality is naff but you can use headphone output to connect pc type speakers.Freeview quality was suprisingly descent without any run in time,tried sum xvids and they played fine with fforward rewind etc in all very pleased with it." by goone 17-04-2010

A friend of mine has the 19" version of this and raves about it. I asked him to try some AVI and DIVX files on a USB Memory Stick (nothing huge) and they played perfectly. All he had to do was point the TV at the correct input location and the TV did the rest.

Sadly for him, he paid £159 for the 19". I was going to buy this the other day at £149.99, but seems like an even better deal to me. The only true criticism on the eBuyer site about this TV is the slightly tinny sound quality. But, if you're intending to use it in a Bedroom etc, it's excellent.

Heat Added

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Found this comment also on the last deal

"Just got mine today! Very fast delivery.
Very good build. Excellent picture quality. Hooked up the ps3 to it & worked like a charm.
Tired watching a film on my USB, it was like explorer, it allows you to go through folders on your USB to locate the file. The film loaded (avi) quick.
The digital freeview TV channels were very clear although I think I need a better arial as I just used a cheap one just to check if it works.
I tried recording something off the TV & it saved it straight into the USB:
29 seconds of recording - 8, 056kb
Recorded in mpeg format
720x576 (15000 kbps) 25.24fps" wadz
14-04-2010, 22:28

Has anyone got one of these as i have read up on them and it seams the sound can suck on alot of them.

Best deal I've seen for a long time - heat and rep added

HI i bought one of these tv and got it deliveried on monday this week, its the same tv 22 inch with usb record feature but i went for the one with dvd drive built is as well. My verdict on the tv is 8/10 heres the good and bad points.

Good points

Picture quality is very good on both films and free view, previous tv strugled with my aerial and would break up a lot this tv doesnt. Setup is very easy does it all for you, connections to the tv are extensive including hdmi and pc in, also included head phone socket output.Menus and ease of use are very good and freeview epg works well, dvd player on my model picks disks up quickly and navigates avi disks like windows explorer which is easy to use and as played all avi's ive tried with fast forward and rewind feature working well, dvd player seams fairly quite too and as nice slot drive on rear. I like the power input is via a iec power lead(kettle lead) as previous tv had external power supply witch is hard to hide when wall mounting.Unit easy to wall mount and as normal vesa type mounting holes on back, and just 2 screws to remove stand.
Avi's and mp3's play from usb stick and again show on screen as a pc type explorer which is nice to use, when usb memory stick is in place press of record on remote will instantly record the freeview channel you are watching onto the memory stick and can also pause live tv. 3 year warranty is a very big plus as i had to return my tescos brand tv which failed after 1 year and 3 days.

Bad points

Tinny sound yes this is a problem i cant believe they have let these onto the market place with so poor speaker, ive adjusted the bass setting to max and you can just about live with it, some have plugged pc speakers into the headphone socket and thats sorts the problem, but for a bedroom the adjustment ive done to mine is ok( i marked down score 1 because of this)
Remote control, you have to point remote directly at tv for it to work and doesnt work too far away either and buttons need a firm push (i marked down score 1 because of this).
Wall mounting when you remove the stand you have a square cut out under the tv that is open and small fingers could get into onto the electronic pcb not very safe, ive made sure mine is out of harms way but thought i would point this out.

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thank you blaster for taking the time to write a review, I think i will be happy with my purchase. I was just looking something for my room and id just bought a 42" lg full hd for my livingroom and have a tiny 17" in my room which had no freeview built in. its now going to be a monitor. thanks again for the review. Rep added

I will try my usb hard drive on it soon as i can and update if it works

why not hot?

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i think because it was a deal last week but they have dropped the price again

Does anyone know if you can record PS3 game play through USB
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