Foehn & Hirsch 42" Full HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV  1080p (pre-order) £499.99 @ ebuyer

Foehn & Hirsch 42" Full HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV 1080p (pre-order) £499.99 @ ebuyer

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Found 23rd Feb 2009
Hope this is useful for someone

The Foehn & Hirsch 42" Full HD Ready LCD TV is both stylish and ideal for people who seek superior quality and style.

The best picture quality around is now available on the Foehn & Hirsch 42" LCD TV, boasting 1920 x 1080 resolutions and 1080p progressive scan, giving more detail with stunning picture quality.

All the Foehn & Hirsh TVs come with Freeview Built in which means the are ready out of the Box for the Digital Switch over and are all Wall Mountable, Making them the perfect choice for all your needs.


Screen size 42" 16:10
Super High Definition VGA 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

Aspect ratio 16:10
Contrast Ratio 1500:1 by panel
Brightness 450 cd/m2 by panel
Viewing Angle( L/R/U/D ) 85 / 85 / 80 / 80 by panel
Response time 6ms

Digital Switch Over ready
Tuning system DVB-T(MHEG5) / PAL
Antenna impedance VHF/CATV/UHF 75Ω unbalanced
Number of channel 100(Analog), 400(Digital)
Common Interface Digital topup channel compatability

Automatic Volume Level Control
Speakers x 2
Audio power ≥2*3W

RF TV/CATV 75ohms coaxial x 1
Video In Video:RCA 75ohms composite video x 1
YPbPr component input x 1
Audio In L/R RCA-1 for S-Video or AV x 1
Scart RGB/CVBS in, CVBS out x 1

HDMI x 2 up to 1080P
Other features

Last Channel recall
Automatic tuning
Sleep timer
OSD Menu Multi-language
Audio mute
Nicam Stereo

Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Power consumption ≤60W

Front cabinet Glossy Piano black
VESA compatible
Detachable base

Glossy color Box
User's Manual English
Remote control
Batteries Included 1.5V(AAA)x2
Size & Weight

Dimension(Width x Height x Depth) TBC
Gross weight TBC
Net weight TBC
Environmental conditions

Operating Temperature 10 ~ 35°C
Operating Humidity 20 ~ 80%
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 60°C
Storage Humi 5 ~ 90%

One Year Warranty
Community Updates


Who are yer? Who are yer? Who are yer?!?:?
There are 99 available! Someone has bought one then!

No image, 1yr warranty.
why is this good ??
I think this means its ebuyers own brand:…tml
Buy this TV if you want to get mocked by your friends ...

I'll stick to my Panasony i bought in Vietnam last year thank you
How is this getting voted hot, there are no reviews or anything at all really on a quick google search. Theres not even a pic on the ebuyer site??

These could be the worste tvs in the universe but we would be none the wiser.
Stick two foreign sounding names together and hope people believe it's like Bang & Olufsen
2 x 3watt speakers.. ouch !!!

1 x Scart socket, double ouch.

Voted cold, there are much better specced 42" TV's than this around.

Stick two foreign sounding names together and hope people believe it's … Stick two foreign sounding names together and hope people believe it's like Bang & Olufsen

lol hahaha exactly what i was finkin
Get the Toshiba 42" 1080p for the same price. Stay away from un heard of brands.
it is ebuyers own brand as posted further up.

You cant kid a kidder!


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Ebuyer (UK) Limited
Did you find that information on their website, or did you need to "foehn" them

deal is back on ..
u think its worthed ?

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