Foehn & Hirsch G422 SAT NAV 4.3" UK, 2GB MP3 / MP4 FM Transmitter £48.57 delivered at Ebuyer

Foehn & Hirsch G422 SAT NAV 4.3" UK, 2GB MP3 / MP4 FM Transmitter £48.57 delivered at Ebuyer

Found 4th Jun 2011
The technical prowess of the G422 is elegantly complemented by the high quality rubberised housing on the rear. It might be a slender 11mm wide, but that sleek form disguises powerful GPS performance.
Its next-generation capabilities range from postcode searches to highly reliable and accurate positioning and route planning with the latest maps for the UK for 2011.
What’s more, we’ve overhauled our software to make the 4.3” Widescreen much easier to use – and far more intuitive to get to the features you want.

* Highly-compressed Seamless Maps
* Two-way point Navigation
* 3D/2D Graphic Interface
* Step-by-Step Voice Navigation
* Speed Safety Camera Warnings
* Highway Signpost
* Off-road Navigation
* Navigation in Tunnels
* POI Search By Phone
* Support 12 Languages
* Postcode Support
* Stylus
* Audio Out
* Multi-POI locations
* 22 POI Catagories
* Back-To-Navigation Hot Key
* GPS Log tracking your trip
* Games - Othello, Memory, Tetris, Bubbles
* Micro SD Expansion Slot (upto 8GB)
* MP3 Player
* Video Player
* Notepad
* Calculator
* Photo Viewer
* FM Transmitter (allows connection to a Radio)
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Looks interesting.
Edited by: "CrazyBob" 4th Jun 2011
is it any good?
Fixed link - thanks guys
not worth buying even for £20 IMO pathetic quality and signal drops frequently.
I had an older model F&H 4.3. The software is pretty awful. But because it run Windows 5.0, I could install almost any other navigator (Tom Tom, iGO 8, Navigon, etc.).

This new model runs on Windows 6.0, which means Tom Tom will not run. But you can still run iGO Primo on this one, which many people prefer over the Tom Tom anyway.

I would say just under £50 is a good price but you need to know how to install other software. If you dont, better give it a miss, imo. So heat for the price from me.
Its a good deal, not spectacular but not bad. Pretty easy to put other nav sofware on em. Just go to ip mart forums (google it) and there is a specific sat nav section. IGO 8 will be ure best option IMO, I wasnt to keen on primo but thats just me.
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