Foehn & Hirsch Portable WiFi Internet Radio - £49.99 @ Ebuyer

Foehn & Hirsch Portable WiFi Internet Radio - £49.99 @ Ebuyer

Found 17th Nov 2010
Dropped by another £10 the last few days

The F&H Pocket Size Internet & FM Radio allows you to enjoy over 12,000 radio stations from all over the world. You can sort stations by region, by country and even by genre. Within seconds, you could listen to a pop station in Paris, or BBC news in the United Kingdom. Follow your home town sports team wherever you are and wherever they are. Plus, the list of radio stations is automatically updated every time you turn it on. And with FM reception, you can even listen to local radio stations. Personalise your F&H radio with custom station lists, built using a web portal. With 15 hours of operation time, you'll be able to amaze your friends all day. Simple wheel navigation makes it easy to get around the device, and the 3.5in headphone jack makes the F&H radio compatible with all the headphones and speakers you already own!
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Looking at user reviews (Ebuyer, Amazon and this seems like a bit of a mixed bag, still not sure what radio station database it uses for starters. For portable web radio I think a smartphone with appropriate app. is a better way to go, if you've already got a smartphone
As many will be aware, Foehn & Hirsch is Ebuyers's own brand. Equipment is rebadged (much like all the major supermarkets do, eg Red at Sainburys). In fact - this is suspiciously similar to this product on Amazon, notably at twice the price -…-21

This seems a good price though, by far the cheapest of the Internet Radios I can find.

More of the same type (with reviews like above) on Amazon -
£59.98 -…e_2
£79.99 -…img
£74.99 -…e_1
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eBuyer also have this no name relatively cheap wifi radio that sort of does video as well:-…440
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