Foehn & Hirsch Portable WiFi Internet Radio (Black) £59.99 @ Ebuyer
Foehn & Hirsch Portable WiFi Internet Radio (Black) £59.99 @ Ebuyer

Foehn & Hirsch Portable WiFi Internet Radio (Black) £59.99 @ Ebuyer

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The F&H Pocket Size Internet & FM Radio allows you to enjoy over 12,000 radio stations from all over the world. You can sort stations by region, by country and even by genre. Within seconds, you could listen to a pop station in Paris, or BBC news in the United Kingdom. Follow your home town sports team wherever you are and wherever they are. Plus, the list of radio stations is automatically updated every time you turn it on. And with FM reception, you can even listen to local radio stations. Personalise your F&H radio with custom station lists, built using a web portal. With 15 hours of operation time, you'll be able to amaze your friends all day. Simple wheel navigation makes it easy to get around the device, and the 3.5in headphone jack makes the F&H radio compatible with all the headphones and speakers you already own!

Looks like a cool device, not found much info on it though.


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Wow -23 and not a single comment... at least say why it's crap so I know why not to get one.

Looks exactly the same as this but under a different name. Reviews are 50/50 if it is.

That not a bad price with a FM radio - I have one its very good am in Ireland and get most of the BBC radio stations ok but for some reason cant get RTE Stations but very easy to setup in fact I did not have to read instructions to set it up. It has good battery life and fits nicely into pocket of my shirt. It remembers my two Wi-Fi setting my home one and my 3g Wi-Fi which when i go out I can listen to Five live (BBC Radio 5) on the go it has great clear volume just one problem if you want to listen to a stored "catch up" program and it has to buffer or reconnect, it goes back to the beginning each time but other that that its great. .I have two other Wi-Fi radios in the house but this is the easiest to use and setup I even plug into my car radio and listen to US stations while driving throughout Ireland north and south via my "3" Wi-Fi 15gb @ 19 Euros per month ( am not such a good typist so hope this reads ok)

not too bad considering it's got FM Radio, one thing that would be handy on my Ministry of Sound Internet radio I picked up from Next

I avoid this brand like the plague!, about a year ago bought sat nav of this brand from ebuyer, got delivered faulty, then sent back and found that it was faulty so they replaced, made sure it worked but never used it to go anywhere as used the other halfs tom tom, then needed to use it as the other half needed tom tom and it just kept freezing.................. finally managed to get the time to send back to ebuyer and they said it was faulty and would send me aeplacement,but had none in stock, so waited, then contacted and said want a refund, they said OK but need to make a reduction as I have had use of for over 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a joke and they wanted to take 20% of the amount i paid!!!!!!!!!!!!, now avoiding ebuyer, if anyone has some suggestions would appreciate.

have not voted hot or cold on this deal.
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A internet radio is not the same as a SatNav in fact probably not made by the same company ( maybe sold by same retailer) I cant think of the Original make or model of this radio but it is also marketed under several brand names, Mine is a "Quest" without FM radio I think the "Original Brand" cost over £100. I bought mine for 40+ with P&P .There are two versions of this radio one with FM radio and one with FM Radio available in a few colors I would suspect that all have the same internal processor.
just just have to look at the facts of the radio.. its Small, portable, has built in Speaker ( hearing is believing) , very clear and logic display, easy to configure, the volume control is a roller type not the push button type and it looks the part. . feels like a quality product and sound like one too . . . I can only add when people see and hear this radio there reaction is " Wow unbelievable" followed where did you buy it .
( I am only new to this site so still trying to find out how it works)

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Just trying to get this to work and it flipping won't, not so simple as just selecting wifi network and putting password in.
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