Foldable Camping Stools £1 at Poundland

Foldable Camping Stools £1 at Poundland

Found 23rd Jun 2010
Foldable Camping Stools £1 at Poundland

Foldable and compact, this camping is very easy to carry and pack in your luggage for a camping holiday. Available in green, blue or red.
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These are very small, I think too small for an average adult or even a small adult. That's unless the ones I saw were children's but they were the only size available in Meadowhall.
I bought half a dozen of these last year to go camping. They were very useful but not really built to last - hardly surprising at this price. They're not the height of kitchen chairs, no, but then they're designed primarily for keeping your backside off the grass. You can sit at a table on one OK.

I still keep one in my boot for the kids' rugby matches, sports days, etc, as they weigh next to nothing.
Useful for a festival maybe? Can be binned at the end for that price
Depending on how you sit on these, there can be a slightly uncomfortable "pinching" effect... :whistling:
always good 4 camping,
Bought these last year from Asda same price.
Great for fishing fits in your back pack if u dont want 2 take ur seat box.
great for apple store campers too!
Heat added as these are only £1. But watch out - most will end up in land fill as they really are quite rubbish. I bought some a while ago and they fell apart quite quickly.

you get impaled on a metal pole

Some people might be into that.
These are great for their purpose.

You can get some from the 99p store too, the one's in there were slightly bigger and came in their own bags.

We got 2 from poundland and 2 of the ones from 99p store and used them when we were queuing for X Factor! Did a brilliant job of what we needed them for - Saved us sitting on the hard concrete floor, and not too big to carry either.

Don't buy these to go camping instead of a proper full size chair and expect them to be anywhere near as comfortable, cause obviously they wont. But if you want something small, light and cheap to save you sitting on the floor for short periods then these are brilliant.
I bought 3 of these to take to the Latitude festival. I don't expect much from them, but it will save getting a wet bum if the weather turns poor.
very small and uncomfortable. you can sit on them for about 10-20min before you need to shuffle or move. i got one for a festival just incase it got nicked but in the end i wish id paid £5 on a proper camping chair as i saw plenty of these there which didnt get nicked.

you may aslwell just sit on the floor unless its raining

Some people might be into that.

so we should now be looking who votes this hot and asking ourselves 'what is their motive'?:whistling:

when the material rips you get impaled on a metal pole. Voting cold.


Some people might be into that.

So now we should be looking who votes HOT and asking what their motive is! :-D
Seriously these are very weak, better to spend a tenner on a decent camping stool that will last you.

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