Foldaway Mini Bike in a bag (CC of A-Bike) - £49.99 delivered @ ebuyer !

Foldaway Mini Bike in a bag (CC of A-Bike) - £49.99 delivered @ ebuyer !

Found 20th Feb 2008Made hot 20th Feb 2008
This Foldaway bike looks like a "blatant copy" of Sir Sinclair's A-Bike, which retails for £150.

Go anywhere anytime with this very handy foldaway mini bike, put it in the car, train, take it on the tube to get to those places where only a bike can go!

Features: This Foldaway bike is amazing, it is small and very light weight so very easy to carry around with you. It comes with a carry case for easy transportation.

Steel bearings lubricated for life
Super-light design folding bicycle at just 12.5lbs (5.7kg)
Easily and quickly folds into and ultra compact 26inch x 12inch x 6inch (66x30x15)
High performance 90psi (6.2bar) pneumatic tyres for a super smooth ride.
Totally enclosed low maintenance twin chain transmission
Adjustable Saddle
Optimized gearing for commuters and hill climbing
Easy Carry Handle
Carry Bag


This looks like a great price and a superb design idea. I would hate to try and pedal it uphill though with those tiny wheels.

Mind the speed bumps......... and the potholes!!! :shock:

Monkey nuts 2;1606516

Mind the speed bumps......... and the potholes!!! :shock:

Optimized gearing for commuters and hill climbing


Optimized gearing for commuters and hill climbing

Voted hot as much cheaper than the A-bike for essentially the same thing.

I just think that a hole in the road would cause serious problems and after a cycle to work, you would be woddling not walking!

Can you actually go a decent speed on these? It has very small wheels. I doubt it's much faster than walking.

:-D ha, you'll look a picture on this

you could get a cheapo mbike for this price


Can you actually go a decent speed on these? It has very small wheels. … Can you actually go a decent speed on these? It has very small wheels. I doubt it's much faster than walking.

Yes you can..... down hill!…nxw


What a strange looking thing! :?

Original Poster


What a strange looking thing! :?

He he...

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invented by this man, a true British inventor wtih a rubbish idea .... and oh he didn't invent the smeg-way machine he's on.

its a ok price id thought but tbh i personally think you look rather odd driving this round anywhere in public :roll: and then your suppose to drive on roads with bikes aren't you i don't like using a mountain bike on todays busy roads that a-bike would be worst still as not only traffic to watch out for there be grids that you wheels would end up getting locked into :thinking:…ted

ok, i'm actually quite impressed by this. Bigger wheels and it would be amazing.…R=1

Review on above link, first item on the Gadget Show

You'd look like a gimp ..

Hard to imagine the model keeping a straight face during the photo shoot. You'll look ridiculous!!

People who think that the small wheels make it hard to climb hills should learn some basic theory about gears! But the pothole problem is very real - I would not feel confident riding one of these. And as it's a cheap copy, I do wonder how long the transmission will last.[/QUOTE]

you ****

ps the above wasnt as bad as it appears blanked out but you get the idea

I am surprised this is not copyright infringment. Hope people are not watching the videos and asuming it is an actual A-Bike - I wonder how long it will last compared to the original.[/QUOTE]

Look at the wind blowing the front of his hair up as he cycles at speed! :whistling:

I understand the gears, etc but if you go over the speed bumps round my way, the bike would get damaged. Also looks like they use the same wheels as a Tesco shopping trolley! :-D

For some people who just use decent cycle paths this would be fine, though I would not trust it on the road.

I've been looking for something like this for ages for travelling (whilst abroad, not to actually get there), thanks for the Gadget Show link. There are some great designs available in Germany but haven't been able to get them here and an Italian fashion store do a great one for 169 euros but again won't ship to the UK. Voted hot but going to keep looking as a bit of comfort wouldn't go a miss!


I wonder how long it will last compared to the original.

I wonder how long you'll still have a job for turning up to work in this.

Think I'll stick to the tube thanks. Subway lurgy has got to be better then looking a prize idiot :thumbsup:

I'm not sure it is a copy!!!!!?????

Has it uses if the bus/tube and then bike ride is less than 1 mile.

EBuyer version:
Sinclair version:
They look VERY alike - saddle looks exactly the same and the frame even have the same red sticker on the back. Maybe they are seconds or something - if so they are a real bargain.


Not seconds.

Obviously Ebuyer agreed not to give the real name thus the deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could be wrong but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are pointing in different directions :?

For me, Sir Clive Sinclair is *the* man, and is basically responsible for my chose career path, and many hours/years of computing fun in the 80's.
I'd be tempted to buy this copy(?). But, only to see if it would be worth me investing in the *proper* one.

However, I'd never get that bike down the runs at Morzine/Les Gets!! :-D


Monkey nuts 2;1606618

Yes you can..... down … Yes you can..... down hill!

what has that video got to do with going down hill?


what has that video got to do with going down hill?

That's what I thought, I expected insane stunts on a fold up bike video to come up!

This is a cool idea. However i doubt it is very comfortable on the roads. The only useful palce to use it would be in big open buildings with level floors.

the original sinclair versions of this got 1 out 10 in a magazine review when they first came out, easily the worst of all the bike in a bag options.


Aren't these illegal anyhow? Any bike sold post 2006/7 has to have a bell, reflectors front back and sides. I think trading standards might want a word.

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BBC website review of the original Sinclair A-bike:…stm

Apparently the counterfeits are almost indistiguishable from the original A-bike. Is this an original, or is it a copy? Difficult to tell, though it isn't being sold as an original. Funny that the A-bike website shows out of stock, though, with what looks like a new model to come. Possibly they shunted all the old stocks on to ebuyer at a good price?

Looks quite cool

When Sir Clive (nobody mention the C5) Sinclair demonstrated the A bike on bbc breakfast telly, I remember that he said the upper weight limit for a rider was 12.5 stone. So, that means I can't ride one unless I go on a crash diet and loose over a stone.

Hmmm, A bike or doughnuts....daddy or or bike.....blur or oasis....Clinton or Obama....I think I'll keep with the wardrobe I have now and live without the A bike until they come out with one for people who eat meat!

I just realised...a cyclist banging on like Jeremy Clarkson really is an oxymoron 8-)

Catch 22 - if you used the A-bike a lot you'd lose a stone!'s good for what it is / and the price...if you're contemplating buying you must weigh up all the pros and cons / what you're gonna use it for etc...i'm actually looking for a good folder at the mo and got me heart set on the strida ( correct spelling )...ok...more expensive...but...a proper folder..which is what I want. I saw the gadget show when they reviewed the 'A' and that put me off straight away...but...this 'copy'...brand new...under £50.........

I would guess this bike is dangerous.

What happens if you hit a concealed bump on the road etc, how are wheels that small going to go over it?

Or will they not go over it - but you will?

An idea brought to you by the very man who created this bastion of safety!

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