Folding metal snow shovel £1.50 (was £5) @ Asda

Folding metal snow shovel £1.50 (was £5) @ Asda

Found 8th Mar 2014
Decent folding army style snow/trench type shovel. Also a few other motoring bits reduced eg. 1lt anti-freeze down to £1.30 from £2.60. Probably national as it's end of season lines.
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Nearest item I can find to being the same…vel if you are not sure what one is.
Should have put in the store only.
when is it going to snow?
ahh great, I've been looking for one so I can dispose of that body in my boot. bargain
hmm end of season ,we had the snow on the 22nd of march last year
may be worth stocking up because as soon as the weatherman says it is going to snow this lot will be back up to full price
Does anyone think it will get cold again before summer? Its been pretty nice weather the past couple of weeks.
I don't think it will get cold again, with the jetstream finally shifting there should be less stormy weather. The frogs certainly don't think it's going to snow, nor does most of nature by the way they're going at it.
leave it, in a week they will be down to 50 pence.
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