Folklore on PS3 for [email protected]
Folklore on PS3 for £17.68@ASDA

Folklore on PS3 for [email protected]

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This game looks cheap, but there may be a problem with delivery. It's maybe worth a punt. I don't really know much about PS3 titles/Prices, but comparison seems to show £39.99 elsewhere:

The delivery cost for this product will be: £5.69

This Gaming Accessory is available to order. You will be contacted to arrange delivery when your goods arrive in our Distribution Centre.


its very cheap must be a miss price. how can they charge so much for delivery though ?

i think its in wrong section on site must be a clerical error.they dont charge delivery for games.and there should not be a game in electrical dept

very cheap. Have ordered one so lets see what happens.

yes me too ! lets see if we get it at that price ! lol, worth a try :thumbsup:

Same as that, wonder if we will get a wee e-mail saying sorry:)

Sold out, you can only request a copy now...

very nice indeed. have ordered.
thanks OP

just ordered one great find :santa: lets just see if we get them

Thanks OP, will complain about the postal charges to them if/ when it arrives.


Has anyone had any info from ASDA as I think they have taken the money for this.? Instore price £33.

Original Poster

sounds promising...have they taken the £17.68?

Aye, does that mean that they have formed a binding contract?


Aye, does that mean that they have formed a binding contract?

nah, thye can take the money and then refund if they like, but if tey do that, they a reliable to compensate you for having your money, if not they could take money (ie thousands) and keep it for 1 or 2 weeks, earn interest (that YOU could have been earning) and then give it back, making money for doing nothing!!
When virgin/ Zavvi has done this in the past (with DS games) they have given customers a refund and then a voucher to spend at a later date, so even if we dont get this, we may end up with a gratuity from them (or maybe just sod all!!)

Hope that is useful fr you, they have also taken the £17.xx out of my account, so I better hurry up and get the PS3 now


Thanks for that Mike, They say get the 60gb as the 40gb has a rumored return rate of 40%!

I got one from Argos with the vouchers, but I don't know who is doing the best deal at the moment.

Has anyone heard anything from Asda about this?
I notice they have taken the money but not sent any E-mail regarding this, and have also removed it form their website!!


Hi, Just got an e-mail from Asda asking me to log on to sort out a delivery date:thumbsup:

Anyone else?


Hi, Just got an e-mail from Asda asking me to log on to sort out a … Hi, Just got an e-mail from Asda asking me to log on to sort out a delivery date:thumbsup: Anyone else?

Me too. Delivered tomorrow. £17, can't be bad.:thumbsup:

Same as, excellent for in store it's £39 ish:)

Forgot to mention, looks like hand delivery, bet that pleases the driver:)

Thats why it was £6 for the delivery, because they were listed under the Electricals section, the guys delivering this will probably be used to dropping off tumble driers and washing machines, they are gonna laugh their socks off with this one, lol.

Got the E-mail also, will be getting it delivered on Friday.


Dont know about you guys, but mines been delivered via City Link with full tracking. I assume yours is too :thumbsup:

i got my email this morning too, expecting delivery tomorrow. ordered two one for my nephew, charged me twice for delivery, may have to complain when i get my order:giggle:

Just wondering how many orders they took, before they clocked that they where selling a loss leader @ £11ish:)

Gutted I missed this one.

Good luck to everyone that got in there



Gutted I missed this one.Good luck to everyone that got in there :)Shima

Well, if your that worried about it, I will trade mine for something when I get it if you want

I have to admit, for the price I was going to get a few of them from Asda and try punting them on ebay, but when 5 of them had postage charges of £28+ alarm bells started ringing, I called them up and they said there was nothing they could do about it, so I just had the one


Arrived this morning via CityLink courier. Dissapointed really, was expecting to see an Asda delivery bloke struggling to carry this "electrical item" to the door.:giggle:

Still, great deal.

City link:thumbsup:

Well noted bazzaric:thumbsup:

Received mine this morning via Citylink, should of been yesterday but they cocked up! so had a bit of a moan and they upgraded to a Saturday AM!!
8.07am this morning GREAT!!
Not a bad game to great graphics & music well pleased!!

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