Folklore PS3 £24.96 delivered

Folklore PS3 £24.96 delivered

Found 22nd Dec 2007
Launch games for new consoles are often given far more leeway than others, simply because everyone recognises they havent had as long in development. Genji: Days Of The Blade wont be making any ones top ten lists by the end of the year but with their second game Japanese developer Game Republic have made some improvements. Set in Ireland the game has an unusual storyline involving fairies and other monsters of significant scarier proportions. You take control of either the rough and ready Keats or the more tactical Ellen, with the chance to switch between either character at the beginning of each chapter of the game.

At a basic level its a sort of action role-player as you spend time in town talking to fairies before venturing out to capture monsters, Pokemon style. In order to capture a monster (or "Folk" as the game has it) you have to soften them up with normal attacks and then reel them in by flicking the Sixaxis upwards like a fishing rod. If it works youre then able to call upon your newly captured critter for help by mapping them to a face button. Different Folks have different abilities, such as flying or creating magical shields, and you often need specific types to overcome particular enemies. .

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