Fonejacker 1, 2 & Facejacker Box Set (DVD) (3 Disc) - £13.99 @ Play

Fonejacker 1, 2 & Facejacker Box Set (DVD) (3 Disc) - £13.99 @ Play

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Series 1: The Fonejacker is a man on a mission - he's addicted to making prank calls and no phone is safe. Fonejacker Doovde Series 1 features all the characters from the BAFTA award-winning TV show, including Terry Tibbs, a car salesman who makes dodgy dealing an artform; Mr Doovde, who talks in abbreviations; George Agdgdgwngo, the scamster who wants your bank account details and sort code; the Mouse who can talk; and Mr Miggins, the old man who can't get to grips with the modern world. Once you've seen Fonejacker, you'll never take a cold call again.

Series 2: The Fonejacker shows he's still king of the prank phone call with more audacious attempts to scam and confuse the public in Fonejacker Doovde Series 2. New characters include Dufrais, the nation's number one complainer; Steve, a prison inmate who's looking for a good job on the outside, preferably with accommodation; Janec, a Polish builder who can undercut any price and who also composes music for television gameshows; and Mendoza, a master of the Dark Arts.

And for those of you who want more......

Fonejacker lovers, prepare to get excited!

From the creators of the BAFTA award winning Fonejacker comes a brand new show; Facejacker.

Kayvan Novak once again wreaks havoc with the general public, but this time he gets up close and personal.

Disguised with the aid of prosthetics, Kayvan plays a dazzling multitude of fictional characters, some familiar and some brand new, including: the charismatic and many times divorced car salesman, Terry Tibbs; scamster Augustus Kwmbe, whose hypnotherapy service is really a front for stealing bank account details; and infuriating complaint monger, Dufrais. New faces include charlatan art critic Brian Badonde and Dr Ali, former plastic surgeon to the late Saddam Hussein. All are thrust into real-life situations where Kayvan's targets have no idea what's coming their way.

Facejacker showcases Kayvan Novak's amazing array of voices and characters as well as his sublime comic improvisational skills.

Facejacker takes Fonejacker to another dimension...


is this blu ray or doovdh?


Ill get this for my uncle. his name is George uttututgettobuengo. Long lost reletive! i met him when he started working in my bank. he realised it was me after i told him me bank account details and sort code, so he could transfer the monies (80.000 ugandian dollars) into my bank account sir.

Come to think of it i can't afford this i just checked my bank, doh! overspent again. can't remember buying anything though..... I tried to call George but it seems his phone is off.

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