Fonejacker - First Series £7.99 @ Zavvi
Fonejacker - First Series  £7.99 @ Zavvi

Fonejacker - First Series £7.99 @ Zavvi

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I love it


Original Poster Banned

Goooooood afternoon madam

allll i need is your bank account details and then i can transfer the monies

Is this on DOOVDE?


Q: how tall she have to be?

A: 5 feet

response: she 6 feeet tall LOL

im bringing me lady she be hot n spicy yo, like a nik nak paddy whack.

renato, i want a tomato, and i want it fresh :thumbsup:


Dufrais Constantinople

D for Donald... U for Up... F for Friday... R for Raspberry... A for A... I for Is... and S for... ive gone blank... sugar will do do... s for... stratosphere.

Now i know where Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross got their bright idea.

cool find heat added :thumbsup:

you wanna buy dvd ?
yes please heat added

Hello Yes... I wanted to check some prices for your doovde!

Love it!! Voted hot

Time to be upgrading my internet service providings

Great price - great series - heat

does this doovde work on the hoop pooc?


Haha ....loved this show!!

Heat added !!!!!!!


I'll tell you this in a man's voice!....*******


Craig david;3338792

Q: how tall she have to be?A: 5 feetresponse: she 6 feeet tall LOL

Nope - this is from S2 (which i think is no where near as good as S1)

lol loving the replies!



This isnt ready for the hud (HD)

Absolutely BRILLIANT first series. 2nd isn't quite as strong, but heat and rep added as I absolutely LOVE this series, and bore everyone to death in work with it.

[boop] 2 copies of fonejacker on dvd

"you would like to order 5 copies of - the best of Noel Edmonds [boop]

Beautiful,Beautiful...Talk to me!!

nice find

First series easily better than the second, heat added!

£7.99.................... you sound temptedings !!

Love this show! Heat added!!

Is this cheaper in Humv?

Don't forget 10% discount using Virgin Money Mastercardings


Voted hot.


lol thanks

You don’t just jump into bed with Fonejacker, you take Fonejacker out to lunch, you wine and dine it, you give it an oil massage, then it gives you £7.99 if you’re lucky!
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