Fonejacker, Series 1  £1.27 Delivered @ Zoverstocks, Amazon Market Place, Used V Good

Fonejacker, Series 1 £1.27 Delivered @ Zoverstocks, Amazon Market Place, Used V Good

Found 31st May 2013
Fonejacker series 1, £1.27 delivered from Zoverstocks, Amazon market place. Used very good.

Series 2 available for £3.76 ,used very good from zoverstocks also:…sed

Boost your doovde collection! Doubt you'd get it from Hoomv at this price.
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When I log in it says "sorry there is a pigeon in your bank account" ?
Great Price For The Doovde I have it for my Vusura !!!
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Talk to me !
Ten times funnier than the awful 'Facejacker'
Much better dealings than my current dealings.
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Out of stock :-(
Where do i send the monies
I wanted free ring dings
I have stopped using Zoverstocks after buying about 10 things.

If the quality is 'Good', it still might come in a really beaten up box with sticky stuff on it and the insides battered.

Also bought season 5 of 24 from them, on disc 3 now and it isn't playing properly. Been over a month since I order it so doubt I can return it.
In before someone says it's free on 4OD.
I enjoy watching this while having a hot beverage with ant and dec!
i always use zoverstocks for my amazon buys. bought about 5 so far and dvds been in great condition x
Can I wire zee monies directly????

Hiiii im mike and i'm calling from ' Steal a cat off a wall and put it in a bag solutions limited , may i ask you a few questions about your oven gloves? '
Love Fonejacker, the Viz for TV medium
Well worth it just so you don't have to watch the ads on e4.

Nice little extra he did recently if anyone missed it:…vPc

Also supposedly working on a fone/facejacker film currently.
i always ask for free ring dings when i speak to 3 customer services
give yer a pound
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