Fonejacker: Series 1 & 2 DVD Boxset £6.40 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ CDWow
Fonejacker: Series 1 & 2 DVD Boxset £6.40 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ CDWow

Fonejacker: Series 1 & 2 DVD Boxset £6.40 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ CDWow

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Doovde Series 1: The Fonejacker is a man on a mission - he's addicted to making prank calls and no phone is safe. Fonejacker Doovde Series 1 features all the characters from the BAFTA award-winning TV show, including Terry Tibbs, a car salesman who makes dodgy dealing an artform; Mr Doovde, who talks in abbreviations; George Agdgdgwngo, the scamster who wants your bank account details and sort code; the Mouse who can talk; and Mr Miggins, the old man who can't get to grips with the modern world. Once you've seen Fonejacker, you'll never take a cold call again.

Doovde Series 2: The Fonejacker shows he's still king of the prank phone call with more audacious attempts to scam and confuse the public in Fonejacker Doovde Series 2. New characters include Dufrais, the nation's number one complainer; Steve, a prison inmate who's looking for a good job on the outside, preferably with accommodation; Janec, a Polish builder who can undercut any price and who also composes music for television gameshows; and Mendoza, a master of the Dark Arts.

All the favourite characters from series 1, including Terry Tibbs, George, Mr Doovde and the Mouse, also return.
The Fonejacker's got your number. Don't pick up the phone!

Unseen footage
Comedy Lab Pilot Episode
E4's Alternative Christmas Message
An interview with Kayvan Novak
E4 Christmas Special Episode


Gets boring doing the same thing after a while.

This is a hoot. Deffo buy. Ta.

should say doovde not DVD in the title ;-)

Nice find Andywedge.
Funny funny show.

oh no payed £18 when it came out, not watched it yet either, thatll teach me

You wanna buy dvd

To order this do I need to hand over my bank account details and sort code?

Love it! Terry Tibbs what a legend! Great find!

DVD. Cheap laughs. Talk to me.

Amazing price! Added heat!

How many free ring dings with this?

this is an amazing price, i'd get this if i hadnt got series 1 already

heat and rep added


Terry Tibbs, TALK TO ME! Legend show.

Now I can watch this doovde on my lurge lukde tuv

cdwow no longer providings of doovde

emptied my basket

Id buy this but there is a pigeon in my bank account

P.S Seems to be out of stock now

Must be out of stock. Wont add to basket, and a search wont find it.

A shame its not on UMD format.... i'd love to watch it on my [COLOR="Magenta"]Pink Poospay[/COLOR]

gutting I really wanted this

Why does he bother hiding his face when hes ringing them?
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