Fonejacker - Series 2 DVD £1.85 delivered @ Zavvi

Fonejacker - Series 2 DVD £1.85 delivered @ Zavvi

Found 29th Nov 2009Made hot 29th Nov 2009
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The Fonejacker shows he's still king of the prank phone call with more audacious attempts to scam and confuse the public in Fonejacker Doovde Series 2. New characters include Dufrais, the nation's number one complainer; Steve, a prison inmate who's looking for a good job on the outside, preferably with accommodation; Janec, a Polish builder who can undercut any price and who also composes music for television gameshows; and Mendoza, a master of the Dark Arts.

All the favourite characters from series 1, including Terry Tibbs, George, Mr Doovde and the Mouse, also return.

The Fonejacker's got your number. Don't pick up the phone!



Lol fonejacker is to funny. Season 1 was defiently better but this is still excellent entertainment.

As my sms voucher costs 10p should this deal be 10p more?

As my mate Charlie Wong says "Wanna buy DVD"

wow, i thought it was pretty cheap before. this is a steal :-D

[FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="Blue"]Thanks, no problems, got my text almost instantly and ordered this just now[/COLOR][/FONT]
Lots of heat added!

great price dude,got myself a copy hot hot hot

£8.85 When I Click It
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