Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters CD £3.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters CD £3.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

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Found 9th Jun 2009Made hot 10th Jun 2009
Not seen this particular FF CD this cheap before; and it (IMO) is one of the best (if not the best) FF albums (or maybe I'm showing my age. LOL)

Dave Grohl's opening post-Nirvana salvo, FOO FIGHTERS seems merely ordinary only in the wake of the historic, sweetly abrasive sensations that his previous band was famous for. Full of both lilting summer-breeze melodies and search-and-destroy guitar blasts, it helps present the case that Grohl's punk-pop blueprint just might be as forward-minded as Kurt Cobain's was, if slightly less grungy and a bit more blue-collar.
Arriving at its destination by coupling pure '60's guitar-pop with the hyperkinetic pace of hardcore, FOO FIGHTERS takes most of its song-hooks for a joyous high-speed ride. Tracks such as the prankster-ish kiss-off, "This Is A Call", and the meditative-but-bitter "Good Grief" are perfect pop nuggets, with turbo-jet guitars propelling them. There are brief respites from such reckless rolling: the glammy verse-chorus-bridge of "Alone + Easy Target", the near-folky "For All The Cows", the sweetly Squeeze-like "Big Me". Yet, these are only refueling stops for Grohl (who recorded most of the album alone) before he turns the engines back on and blows through alterna-pop's speed limits.
Named after UFO-like apparitions that U.S. fighter pilots claimed to have seen during World War II, FOO FIGHTERS chooses to ignore Grohl's tumultous real-life connections (there are few, if any, kiss-and-tell lyrics) in favour of establishing a separate musical identity. It's as though the songwriter felt there was little of Planet Nirvana worth rehashing, and decided to find a new (if similar) musical satellite to call his own.

This Is a Call
I'll Stick Around
Big Me
Alone + Easy Target
Good Grief
Weenie Beenie
Oh, George
For All the Cows


was playing this today, my fave foos album

def one of their best but then all are pretty good

way better than the last few albums

being a big nirvana fan bought it first day it came out

great album, worth noting it's in the 3 for £10 selection along with 3 other foo albums.


The best foo's album, done entirely by Grohl despite the sleeve saying otherwise

no you right it's their best in mine op too


being a big nirvana fan bought it first day it came out


Great album, great price.
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