Foo Fighters: Saint Cecilia EP (5 Tracks) on Google Play

Foo Fighters: Saint Cecilia EP (5 Tracks) on Google Play

Found 21st Feb 2017
5 Foo Fighter tracks on the Saint Cecilia EP.

Available for free on Google Play Store.
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That's been free for ages & ages,etc
Comes round more often than the ice cream van...
It's been free since the release but I'll always upvote the Foo's
Original Poster
I used the app to post this and put it under Freebies. Not sure why it's gone into deals.
Nice! Heat!
Poo Fighters - can't beat 'em!!!
Current Live in Frome on Facebook.
Awesome EP, but it was released as a free release - it's always free. Still, you can have heat because it's Foo!
I've barely liked anything they've done since The Colour and The Shape. Seem to have veered slightly towards MOR for my taste but I'll check this out. Thanks OP.
nice one
5 great tunes!!!
Thanks Silhouette
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