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10" high Christmas Tree gift box with 4 x 150g various Fudge was £8 now £1 @ Iceland Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 16th JanFound 16th Jan
10" high Christmas Tree box of Fudge. Includes 150g belgian chocolate fudge 150g salted caramel fudge 150g clotted cream fudge 150g clotted cream fudge. Best before date 31-07-19 … Read more
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yes I thought the same!. I took barcode sticker off the back- easily peels off, I thought I would put away with decorations and keep it to put a special present in,possibly fill with heroes or celebrations nearer the time <3


And tbh, the box is quite nice, you would pay more than £1 just for that. Would be easy to reuse as a gift box or to decorate and add lights to use S a Chrimbo decoration next year.


Got one earlier. Fudge is awesome.

Fisher price Thomas & friends Railway Pals ‘destination discovery’ £12 instore - The Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Absolute bargain! These are £30+ (£50 in Very & Debenhams), found it for £12 in the Food Warehouse!

Cracking deal, thanks OP! Picked one up from the Rugby store for my little one, to extend a small set he got for Christmas. Plenty of stock left as at lunchtime today. They also had the Hungry Heroes pea/sweetcorn nuggets at £1 so I picked up a bag of each.


I bought this last year in the Tesco sale for the same price and it's excellent value for money. I gave it to my son for Christmas and he loves it! You can usually pick up the extra trains for around £5 each.


i got 2 in island today


Thank you. Hope they have them in the Manchester branches


Gets abbreviated to “adventure disco” on my app. Which sounds great!

Velvet Comfort 16 toilet rolls £4.79 @ Iceland Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Cheaper than Amazon deal recently posted. Lots in stock in Bradley Stoke Bristol.
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How soft are these?




This is January!


These kind of responses normally elicit a virtual battering. Thankfully, the posters on this thread are quite nice... Just saying.


It was on here in November yes

570g Cadbury Fingers £2.50 across all Food Warehouse stores by Iceland.
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
570g Cadbury Fingers. Reduces to HALF PRICE at £2.50 across all Food Warehouse stores by Iceland. When it's gone, it's gone
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£2 in Morrisons in Stratford. They had box loads.


Why cold a good price

Cupcake maker and waffle maker £6.25 @ Food Warehouse (Iceland)
01/02/2019Expires on 01/02/2019LocalLocalFound 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Both cupcake makers and waffle makers are reduced to £6.25 in Port Glasgow Food Warehouse by Iceland. Bake up to 5 waffles at a time in the waffle maker and bake up to 7 cupcakes a… Read more
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Id really like the waffle maker


You're on a Healthy Eating campaign today then.. :)

Candy floss maker £9.99 @ The food warehouse Port Glasgow
01/02/2019Expires on 01/02/2019LocalLocalFound 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Candy floss maker from global gizmos. In store at Port Glasgow Food Warehouse by Iceland. Gallagher Retail Park PA14 5DX
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the gift that keeps giving... diabetes (the 'right' sugar????)


I went in the first day it opened, pandemonium... walked straight back out & haven't been back since, quite a large store tho, defo better than Iceland in the Briggs :)


Still yet to visit one of these - one opened not so long ago in Robroyston :)


Part of the healthy Scottish diet? (cheeky)


Actually quite good if you buy the correct sugar.,which is cheap enough on ebay.

Pepsi Max 24can pack (330ml) - £4.99 @theFoodwarehouse - Iceland (instore)
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
This is the lowest price in any supermarket! Iceland's 'The Food Warehouse' have 24 cans of Pepsi max Packs for £4.99 in store, the shelves are full and I checked with staff that t… Read more
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Tesco has priced at £5 too


Diet pepsi at Tesco is £4 for a crate of 24, was £6..


Nice thanks


Bought 5

6 x 2L bottles of iron bru £5 @ The food warehouse
LocalLocalFound 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Seen these in my local food warehouse 6 bottles of iron brew 2L for £5.
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Bummer. Oh well.....healthy H2O /Council Pop will continue to suffice!


Don't bother. They've halved the sugar content now so the taste you remember is gone. The new stuff has a horrible aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners. Only way to get the original stuff is old stock that people now sell for highly inflated prices.


I remember a few years ago scouring round the local shops desperate for a taste of irn bru but no one in a ten mile radius stocked it. I was absolutely gutted. For months!!! Stocking up with this deal.


Bring back the original brew this tastes like electricity and chemicals (mad)



24 Packs of Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, Fanta Zero all £5.99! Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
24 Packs of: Coke Zero Diet Coke Pepsi Max £4.99 Diet Pepsi £4.99 Fanta Zero Tango Orange Diet Dr Pepper Sprite 4.99 Iron Bru All at The Food Warehouse (Iceland)! Believe there … Read more

They also accept NHS discount / Blu light card, if buying a lot you could get a nice bit of money off on top!


Please! Will somebody think of the children :(


That they were (pepsi max) and got them at £4.99 from Lidl a week or two ago too


I posted this at £5.49 last week :)


24 x 330ml Pepsi Max at The Food Warehouse (Iceland) £4.99
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Was on special offer at £5.99. Reduced further to £5.69. Now £4.99
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I got some on Monday for £5 from Tesco, and I am in London. I believe the Tesco deal expired on the 11th or 12th.


Wednesday price change.. So hot now.


£8 in Tescos (y)


Hmmm.. just out of my budget. Are any of the larger supermarket chains offerings in this item around £0.69 cheaper does anyone know? :/


But they're not, in Harrow London the pepsi is still 7 quid. London tax maybe?

8× 2ltr Pepsi Max/ Diet Pepsi £9 instore @ The Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 9th Dec 2018Found 9th Dec 2018
8 x 2ltr Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi. £9. Thought this was quite cheap, Hope it helps someone.



Still a good deal as you can’t get them anywhere for less than £1.25 these days and this works out as £1.12 each.


This is standard price in Iceland Warehouse now. They used to be £7 but then the sugar tax hit and even though these contain less sugar than the tax limit, the price still increased by £2.


2 for 2.50 at Morrisons


8 Bottles in Morrisons for £8

Diet Coke / Coke Zero 24 Pack - £5.49 @ The Food Warehouse
Refreshed 11th Dec 2018Refreshed 11th Dec 2018LocalLocal
The Food Warehouse has launched 24 Packs of Coke Zero/ Diet for £5.49. Less than 23p a can. Available in store
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Aye sorry, posted in the wrong thread.... the duplicate thread has now been deleted. (embarrassed)


This ends Sunday at 4.30pm guys!


You put the link to my post?



Dentist told me this is like swilling your teeth with acid shame as I like it with ice and Lemon

Lenor Unstoppables £8 @ The Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Lenor Unstoppables 570g £8 the food warehouse by Iceland

Yea i bought two 570g for £16 best i could find. It wasn't Iceland it was a subsidiary shop called the food warehouse


You sure this is that size, normallly it’s the 750g in offer for that and that size shows on the Iceland page.


congratulations on your first post.heat added :)

Pringles 200g tubs £1 @ The Food Warehouse
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Pringles 200g tubs £1 @ Icelands Food Warehouse. After buying some in Tesco for £1.12 the other day I notice this morning athat tThe Foodwarehouse ( part of Iceland foods) are se… Read more

£1.10 in Asda claiming they’re the cheapest in the UK - not the case then


Once you pop you just can't stop! (party)


I was not quoting you just responding to somebody else are you telling me now i can't reply? looks like you are trolling me maybe you should move on.


Think you made your point doesn't mean everyone has to agree with you thou. Beginning to look like your trolling now 5 out of 11 comments are yours. If you don't like the post Move On


I explained what i meant in a least 2 post above, pointless post a trait of this site now i'm afraid.

Despicable Me Monopoly £6.99 in the food warehouse
LocalLocalFound 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Hasbro Monopoly Despicable Me Property Trading Game with Exclusive Minions
36 pack of Wotsits, Quavers and Monster Munch. - £3 @ The Food Warehouse
Refreshed 27th Nov 2018Refreshed 27th Nov 2018LocalLocal
36 pack snack box, consisting of 12 x Wotsits, 12 x Quavers and 12 x Monster Munch (Roast Beef x 4, Pickled Onion x 4, Flamin Hot x 4) in-store at The Food Warehouse.


;( paid £4 last night so good offer. I'd take them back but already eaten 2 packets of monster munch


'Wotsit all about'???


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) made me chuckle


It's a good deal but there are so few crisps in these packs that the price is actually roughly a pound a crisp.

Fonthill spring water - £2.79 instore @ Iceland Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Spring water 24 bottles Tottenham hale, London

It’s always been that price

Box of 32 Golden Wonder Crisps (4 flavours) £3.50 @ The Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 6th Nov 2018Found 6th Nov 2018
8 x Cheese & Onion 8 x Salt ‘n’ Vinegar 8 x Smoky Bacon 8 x Ready Salted Found in Thurrock,Essex Store
Box of 36 Bags Crisps 12 Monster Munch , 12 Quavers , 12 Wotsits at The Food Warehouse £3.50
Refreshed 27th Nov 2018Refreshed 27th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Monster Munch 4xBeef 4xPickled Onion 4xFlaming Hot 12 X Cheese Quavers 12 x Cheese Wotsits These were in the Thurrock,Essex Store
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Just had one of these open in Cheltenham. Didn't know it was Iceland. Will have to have a look :)


Pickled onion monster munch.... 🤤