Football Manager 2006  XBOX 360+ FREE Football Manager Face Plate £12.99 Free delivery

Football Manager 2006 XBOX 360+ FREE Football Manager Face Plate £12.99 Free delivery

Found 28th Mar 2007
Item Description
Please note: This is a hard-drive-only game.

Football Manager 2006 on Xbox 360 brings with it all the features enjoyed by fans of the PC game - that includes everything from FM 2005 and all the updates and improvements of FM 2006 - with an enhanced, redesigned interface to make it console perfect.

Hundreds of divisions across 50 countries are playable, with 270,000 real-world players and staff to work with. Enjoy fully-featured player training, FM's famous 2D match engine, full rules for all leagues and player data accurate to the end of the winter transfer window.

With FM 2006 your TV's no longer just for watching football, now you can conquer it!


The famous depth and real-world complexity of Football Manager on PC, transferred to a home console for the first time.

Work with more than 270,000 players and staff in hundreds of leagues across 50 countries.

A redesigned and refined interface for easy control and sharp text, even on a 14" TV

All the features of FM 2005 and 2006 on PC, including in-depth media interaction and manager mind games, total tactical control over your team's play, man management and half-time team talks, manager contracts, comprehensive team training, and much more...

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Anyone looking for eye candy football, wait for Pro Evo.... if your looking for a accurate managment sim, this is the Wayne Rooney of them all!


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great game on pc never played it on the xbox 360 but thought it was cheap for a 360 game and they are giving a free faceplate which can be worth a lot after a few years.

NOte that you need the 20GB hard drive to play it
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