Football Manager 2009 (PC) £17.98 @ GameStation + free delivery <for people who missed the last deal>
Football Manager 2009 (PC) £17.98 @ GameStation + free delivery <for people who missed the last deal>

Football Manager 2009 (PC) £17.98 @ GameStation + free delivery <for people who missed the last deal>

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As you can see some people obtained the nice pcworld deal. Gameplay are now sold out and everywhere else has hiked up the price to £24.99. So this is the next best thing.


Sports Interactive

The famous Football Manager match engine can now be viewed in full 3D with motion captured animations for the players. Sports Interactive has been working on the 3D match engine for nearly 3 years with the support of SEGA Japans Virtua Striker team who provided the motion capture data and some of the animations.

You can now watch your matches in 3D from multiple camera angles and re-watch any part of the match by fast forwarding and rewinding the action using a new match time bar that flags the key moments in the game.

The old 2D view of the match engine is still there, especially for those people whose computers arent powerful enough to take advantage of the 3D views.

Football Manager 2009 for PC Features:

* 3D Match Engine This years match engine has seen more testing than ever before having been extensively beta tested in Football Manager Live for the past year.
* TV View Watch your matches in new full screen TV view and customise your match day screen with widgets to view the information you need as a football manager, be it player performance, match action zones, pitch radar, latest scores and many more.
* Assistant Manager Feedback Pre-match and in-match feedback from your Assistant Manager on how the team is performing and your players motivation levels, as well as hints on how your tactics are working and how you could outwit the oppositions tactics.
* Improved Media SI have worked hard to reflect the greater impact the media has been having in recent years on the world of football, in the in-game dealings with the press. The game now features more news stories, more detail and greater media interaction than ever before, creating an even more realistic simulation of the football world.
* Press Conferences Attend pre-match and post-match press conferences with local and national journalists and build up relationships with them over time, but choose your answers carefully because they could come back to haunt you in the media at a later date.
* Transfer System Completely new and re-written transfer system code, providing an even more realistic simulation of real-life football transfers.
* Transfer Rumours View the latest news on what players are being speculated on, and whos said to be interested in securing their services.
* Board Confidence Following on from its addition in Football Manager 2008, board confidence has been expanded and improved. In addition, the board will now also offer feedback on your squad harmony and your clubs stature in the football world.
* Preferred Moves Train your players to learn preferred moves to add to their game. For example, train central defenders to not dive into tackles, or wingers to do step-overs before crossing the ball.
* Female Manager For the very first time you can now play as a female manager. All of the text in the game now also has a female gender so the game represents female managers and staff in the game in the correct gender.
* Realistic Finances SI have listened to feedback from all of their researchers to try and model every single financial area of the game correctly for each country, including transfers, staff wages, budgets, ticket prices, season tickets, competition bonuses and club sponsorships.
* Updated Competitions Fully updated for the new 2008/09 football season with all the latest league, club and player data, featuring over 5,000 playable clubs from over 50 countries, and around 350,000 players and staff from around the world, drawn fresh from the famous Sports Interactive database.


Wasted nearly 6 hours on New Years Day trying to load this game, on 3 separate PCs, bugs with Activation codes, you have to download a patch, which takes a couple of hours and hangs up. Read the reviews,before you buy, I had my 10 year old sat patiently next to me, and in the end we werre both nearly crying!!

I took it back to Game the following day, ready for a big argument, as to why they could not refund due to game being opened etc, but they didn't argue at all, saying they had taken lots of returns on this!!

Any one else had a problem?

Original Poster

Erm. Read the instructions! Really easy to install. Also, did you actually go to the microsoft website? A patch on the site due to vista blocking game protected discs?

erm yes I did, if you read the SI forum, the word nightmare appears on numerous occasions.

I am actually running XP, not vista, just been discussing this with 3 people in the office, 2 of them had same problems, the other 1 had a different face gen problem.

My point is, they shouldnt be selling this without saying that you have to download patches etc, as this may be beyond some people, I struggled nd I have been a systems analyst for 13 years, God help me!

i installed mine without any problems, its wasnt shop bought tho

Hey Lenblue looks like you did the rught thing & kept your life in check. Bought 2008 when PC World mispriced to £4.99 & lost about 8 weeks of my life on this bloody thing, told me I needed to phone in work sick :-)
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