Football Manager 2010 for PC for £5 @ Asda Direct

Football Manager 2010 for PC for £5 @ Asda Direct

Found 25th Dec 2010
Saw about 20 of these on the shelf in Asda yesterday going for a fiver. With this much stock I assume it is national rather than store specific. £21.10 at Amazon so seems a good price for a rated game.

Football Manager 2010 sees the return of the famous football management game for the new season, fresh with new signings, tools and features. With a new Tactics Creator and the introduction of touchline shouts and quick tactic changes, you'll always be able to react to the ebb and flow of the game from the dugout. Working with coaches from various levels of football, the game now has an extensive array of pre-set tactical options allowing the user to select a detailed role for a player in the team (such as ball winning midfielder or deep lying playmaker). Feedback from matches has been improved to give better insight into where your team is going wrong or doing it right. A new Match Analysis tool gives you the power to see where shots, passes, crosses, headers, tackles, fouls and interceptions have been made on the field for all players on the pitch. Viewable both live in-game and post match, pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of both your team and the opposition and mastermind your route to victory accordingly. Football Manager 2010 features a brand new User Interface, with the side bar navigation of previous years replaced by an intuitive tab system at the top of the screen, making Football Manager's famed depth easier to navigate for new managers. A brand new Data Editor allows the addition of new divisions to existing leagues and of entirely new leagues as well as making it easier than ever to keep the game up to date, and do so for free. For even more information, a new look News Centre allows you to receive an in-game subscription based newspaper with only the news that you want about the football world. Following the debut of a 3D match view in Football Manager 2009, this year's release sees a revamp with improved AI, over 100 new animations for the 3D pitch view, new stadiums, crowds, realistic pitch degradation and better lighting, creating an even more realistic match experience.


paid less than this not long after launch lol

Don't forget this is not the latest version of the game. FM 2011 came out in the autumn so this really is not a particularly good price.

last years.

Good price.

An older version doesn't mean its a bad deal or bad game.

FM has been hit and miss with some versions, I still play FM 2006 and thoroughly enjoy it and thats after trying 07, 08, 09, 10 etc.
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