Football Manager 2017 - £10 instore @ Smyths Toys (Crayford)

Football Manager 2017 - £10 instore @ Smyths Toys (Crayford)

LocalFound 1st Aug 2017
Hi there,

I bought Football Manager 2017 for £10. From Smyths Toys in Crayford, not sure if the deal is nationwide.

Thought I would post this one.
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Ten squids, bargain! One to add to the collection
I bought it for twice as much.

I hate the game, there is no fun in it but I can't stop myself from playing it
Curse this game!!! first time I played Fm since 2009 and its taken 38 days out of my life...
I havent played the game since FM2009 but for £10 I thought I would would get back into it. Been playing the game since Championship Manager '93..
Love football manger iv spent hours and hours of my life on these games but there just isn't enough change in them each year they steamier or less the same. Still great games obviously but I wish they would do something big
@rizzo777 yeah agree in a way. It's a difficult one as you don't want to go all EA with fancy over the top graphics or even implement things that a manager wouldn't do in his role. Overall I agree it'll be nice for a freshen up to it. Wonder what 2018 will bring...
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