Football Manager Classic 2014 (Vita) £13.49 @ PSN (PS+) (£14.99 Normal Subs)
Football Manager Classic 2014 (Vita) £13.49 @ PSN (PS+) (£14.99 Normal Subs)

Football Manager Classic 2014 (Vita) £13.49 @ PSN (PS+) (£14.99 Normal Subs)

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Football Manager Classic 2014 allows you to put your skills to the test wherever and whenever you want. As for the very first time cross-save compatibility allows you to start a career on PC, Mac & Linux (FMC Mode) and continue on PS Vita, or vice versa. Take control of any club from over 100 leagues across 51 nations, with a total database of over 160,000 players from around the world and take to the field to play out games using FM's acclaimed 3D match engine.


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Maybe Pacman?
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arghhh man really tempted

Very good price, tempting, even though I have tried the classic version on my laptop and didn't think much of it, the lack of team talks being a biggie for me.
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I want it but I feel I'm gonna be disappointed immediately.

Yeh same here really don't know or just hope it comes to ps+

its good but super slow.the games take forever meaning to do a full season not messing about much will take around 16 gaming hours. however,it still hooks you in,in the search for glory and unearthing a pearler of a superstar.

I bought this and the PC version (£8.63) and have to say the PC version is awesome compared to it,but then again you can't sit on the bog/train/bus and play FM as effectively as the vita.

If you want flexibility and don't mind the issues it has its worth it. being able to shut the vita down mid game and then pick it up a couple of days later is a winner for me.


If you have a stylus that works with the Vita then it makes this game much easier to play!

I haven't had too many issues with the speed of it. So long as you have no more than 3 leagues setup for your game it runs well for me.

is there any way to speed up the games ? even without the pitch and just text it takes ages

Just from screen shots, or looks great, but menus a little over complicated maybe? So tempted at £15 though...

Oh nice, I am so tempted by this, but am frightened I'll play it for a week and then never again! Has it got the legs for a casual user...?

I bought.... got sacked

Expired I was too late! back up to £29.99 now.
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