Football Manager Live - PC (Instore only) £2.00 @ Asda
Football Manager Live - PC (Instore only) £2.00 @ Asda

Football Manager Live - PC (Instore only) £2.00 @ Asda

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Just picked this up for £2.00 at Asda in Peterborough and there was still a couple left. Possibly store specific and may not be for everyone as it's 4 free months subscription and you have to pay monthly (about £8 I think) to continue playing after that. Worth a punt at £2.00 I reckon.

The next cheapest I could find on-line that was in stock was Amazon at £14.99. Here is all the guff:

Includes 4 months subscription!

Football Manager Live is the new football management sim from the kings of the genre and creators of the best selling Football ManagerTM series, Sports Interactive.

Create your own football club from a vast database of real professional players and manage them in your own style then pit yourself against other managers online to come out on top. Football Manager Live also uses a unique combination of elements from social networking, auction sites and user generated content so that you can build and manage your own truly customised football team and lead them to victory against players from across the globe.


played it as part of the free trial... super super addictive... had to uninstall it in the end as it was becoming a problem!!

at £2 you'll get hours of enjoyment/frustration

I free trial i meant beta testing

Fun game. It was relauched earlier this year and has just entered Season 2. It is now £4.99/month if you wish to carry on after this subscription, but you can 'stack' these box subsciptions, i.e. get 12 months for £6 if you buy three!

Also, it's worth nothing that there has been some waiting time to sign up for the game due to the relaunch. Spaces are limited and so you may find yourself waiting a week or so before you can sign up, totally worth it though.

If anyone finds any of these, I'd be hugely appreciative if someone could pick one (or two!) up for me. Will obviously pay for it! (Postage wouldn't be necessary as it is just a scratch card with a redemption code inside the box!)

whos good players these days? i remember i had lavezzi? (argentina FC) and he ripped teams apart

I played this for months last year but there was a mass exodus at the start of the year when they decided to reset some of the servers meaning everything we spent our time on was lost. I believe they then changed it so we kept our skill points but I already left.

For £2 this is an excellent deal as you will be saving a lot of money. If you can buy a few then do so as this game is very addictive. Dont expect to be a top team within the first few seasons though depending on the server you join as there will be more settled teams. Good thing though is the building up of the teams, finding gems of players.

I might just go and check asda at lunchtime.........

Super hot if you can find one!

Agreed is (or at least was) a very good game. The reset in March cost them a lot of subscribers and in all honesty its never really recovered.

Its been good having the last 3 months free of charge (with another month to go) but unless i got 3 of these to carry me another year, I probably wont bother again.

put about 300 hours into it! Great bargain.

Can anyone confirm this is nationwide? I can't ring up my local until after work and I might just pop in and take my chances if it's widely available

Was a great game at the start and addictive but once i lost my years worth of stadium upgrades for the 1.5 release.. i never went back.

Still a hot deal though so heat... (missed that part)

Is Andri Sigporsson still good? What about Mads Jorgensen?


Is Andri Sigporsson still good? What about Mads Jorgensen?

Hehe no...Sigporsson was a one-off about 10 seasons ago on CM I think!

Voted hot, but I'd lose so much time to this if I got it.

Out of interest, are new players put in a league together or are they thrown in with experienced players like lambs to the slaughter? Way too many online games are the latter which makes it so hard to jump in if the game's been out for a while. Really don't know why so many companies can't develop a decent matching system.


Is Andri Sigporsson still good? What about Mads Jorgensen?

Still great but pale in comparison to Tonton Zola Moukoko :whistling:

One of the most addictive games I ever played. Was able to hold a top ten team for a few seasons.

Definatly worth the purchase.

Ended up having to decide whether it was the wife or Football Manager. The wife won unfortunatly.

There are some good cheap players.

HULK - Porto (He is great)
Also look at some of the Guinea team. Players like - Ismaël Bangoura, Fodé Mansaré & Ibrahima Camara were great for me.

Wont have this in Blackburn, and I really want to try it!

Can you not just buy a bunch of these, like you can for, say, Sky Xbox subscriptions at the shop at £15 a time, rather than start paying properly at the end of the trial?

Anybody else find this? I'll pay someone for the code inside the box if so, plus a little extra

Sorry but this game is utter rubbbish
secondly the game was reset to accomodate the clear lack of common sense in the planning of the game

2 if you buy this unless your a fan going to the forum to praise them your post will be deleted.

Save yourself the stress and dont bother Stores are selling these cheap because they are not selling well at all SIMPLE AS THAT
Heat for the find but the product is worst than buying items from Very with a discount

You are sure to get less than you think you are getting at point of sale.
Buyer beware
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