FOOTWEAR (Shoes and Trainers e.t.c) FROM JUST £1.95 A PAIR !!!! SAVE UP TO 97%! Clearance Sale

FOOTWEAR (Shoes and Trainers e.t.c) FROM JUST £1.95 A PAIR !!!! SAVE UP TO 97%! Clearance Sale

Found 30th Dec 2006
LOTS OF GREAT DEALS ON FOOTWEAR FROM BLACKLEAF. FOOTWEAR REDUCED BY UP TO 97%. For example on pair of trainers IT'S reduced from £69.95 to £1.95 - yes under £2 for a pair! Other styles priced at £4.95, £5.95, and £9.95 and over 80% off and all good value for under a tenner.

Only problem is very limited stock so only have in a few sizes but worth a look as you may be in luck.

Postage is reasonable and ...

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What a find!!! Cheers mate. Got the last one at size 12.5 available at £1.95. I also ordered a couple at £4.95. Can't go wrong at those prices.
Nice one, looking for a pair of cheap pair of trainees. Spot on mate!
Bargain 1303 ! Sites busy at the mo so i'll check back later
Struggling to get on the site at the moment.

For the price they will do for the gardening, etc
is the link ok?
i cant get in
I think they are a little 'overwhelmed' :thumbsup:
i got through and then it just went into system meltdown or something, nthe website is not working for me anymore.
I've been trying for ages now. It goes down now says

We are experiencing heavy traffic on our site please visit later. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

wonder why lol
pm13 lol i just got that after a blank page for ages
I did get in at the start. saw the trainers eventually and after another half hour even added a pair to the basket and well you know the rest :whistling:
Thanks for the post 1303 Gonna have to try again myself later too ;-)
The site is back up, still crashes every now and then but ive managed to get a pair of £4.95 ones, came to about £11 with the delivery and 10% knocked off.
Delivery is £6.50 (reasonable?) for most pair of trainers but with the 10% discount and 8% quidco this is offset a bit. If you order 2 pairs it will probably only be about £1 more so maybe £7.50 for 2 pairs (based on my experience with them in the past) - will be delivered by UPS Next Day so orders placed over next few days should be delivered on Wed 03-01-2007.:)

Delivery is as low as £1.40 for leather jackets on the 1st class recorded option.:)
after a while messing around reloading pages, managed to get 2 pairs of trainers.
great stuff
Yep, working ok now, got two pairs of trainers, £6.50 delivery, less £2 with code and 8% back from Quidco, so got to be good. Thanks for the heads up! Sue
i cant choose my shoe size on the £1.95 pair
Just bought some £60 for £10 and paid £4.10 delivery. used quidco and 10% voucher total: £13.10
Ordered a pair myself - anybody get a confirmation email at all ? I suspect that their server is a molten pile of slag at the moment
i got a confirmation email. Although beware I did see the standard payment method appeard to be unsecured but Paypal was an option
+rep to "palspal" for the push in the right direction :thumbsup:…eaf
I have just recieved an email saying my order has been cancelled and iv'e been refunded.
Got mine today used 10% voucher and 8% through quidco. Good strong
quality trainer well happy.
Also little note in bottom of box giving 15% off next purchase, code :
ALso says try our new site [url][/url] and get 10% off your order
What's the code for 15% off RICHARD682E?
I believe it to be HAPPY NEW YEAR
Hope it works but have not tried it myself..
Ahh ok I see, I thought that was the message
Sorry for the confusion new to posting stuff on HUKD thought
i would post the offers having used many others myself..
what a bargain !!!
I had a pair of 4ce trainers about 3 years ago, paid around £40 for them and they were very nice. Might bag a few pairs of the ones that are around a fiver.

This pair infact:…076
anyhone got their shoes ?

Also noticed they have some £2.95 ones again:



Had to email them and then they decided to sort the order and despatched one of the 23 pairs ordered, they took my money 2 weeks ago and refunded me one of the pairs still charged full delivery. What a mickey mouse company.
:oops: I placed a large order with these guys, over £100, they billed me 29th, right away, have had no emails from them (just from secpay). No contact, no goods, no reply to my last contact form, and i can't find any other way of contacting them. Just sent them another form with a few less smiles. Has anyone else had these problems? got any advice?? :-S

Thanx guys!:thumbsup:
finally got reply saying order was stuck in server, has been processed... 2 weeks late... but hey
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