Fopp - DVD's, Books, CD's £2 - £3

Fopp - DVD's, Books, CD's £2 - £3

Found 8th Mar 2009

I went into my local Fopp store in Bristol yesterday, and they had a lot of good films/books/cd's at around £2 - £3 each, and this wasn't just the usual tatt you would expect.

There site isn't currently up and running so this is currently instore only, but I bought Eric Hobsbawn 'Globilisation, Democracy, and Terrorism' for £2, and from the 'Introducing' range of books I bought 'Introducing Sociology' for £2 also, which I thought was a very good deal.

They also had DVD's like 'La Vie En Rose' for £3, '28 weeks later' £3, and tonnes of others that I simply cannot remember. Anyway It looked like the books especially were going fast, so if you live near a Fopp, I Say its worth going to check out.
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Didnt Fopp always offer great stuff at these kinda prices?
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