For all Bob Dylan fans - the bootleg series of albums £8.99 each delivered @ HMV + Quidco

For all Bob Dylan fans - the bootleg series of albums £8.99 each delivered @ HMV + Quidco

Found 29th Nov 2010
These are some of the finest albums in my collection at bargain prices. Not sure why they are being re-released but don't miss out on a bargain!

The Bootleg Series is a collection of albums by Bob Dylan, all featuring rare and unreleased material.

Volume 1 contains 22 recordings spanning 1961 to 1963, with 15 outtakes from the recording sessions for the albums Bob Dylan, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, and The Times They Are a-Changin'. The remaining seven tracks are three live recordings from venues in New York City, three demo records later duplicated on Volume 9, and another demo from the home of a friend in Minnesota taped just before Christmas of 1961.

Volume 2 contains 20 recordings spanning 1963 to 1974, with 17 outtakes from sessions for the albums The Times They Are a-Changin, Another Side of Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde on Blonde, New Morning, Planet Waves, and Blood on the Tracks. The remaining three tracks are two previously unreleased recordings from the 1967 sessions partly released in 1975 as The Basement Tapes, and Dylan's version of the song "Wallflower" recorded by Doug Sahm for the 1973 album Doug Sahm and Band.

Volume 3 contains 16 recordings spanning 1974 to 1989, with 14 outtakes from sessions for the albums Blood on the Tracks, Desire, Slow Train Coming, Shot of Love, Infidels, Empire Burlesque, and Oh Mercy. The remaining two tracks are a live recording from the second leg of the Rolling Thunder Revue, and a publishing demo of "Every Grain of Sand" from 1980.

Volume 4 contains 15 recordings comprising the entire concert of May 17, 1966, at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. Disc one is the seven-song acoustic set with just Dylan, and disc two is the eight-song rock set with The Hawks accompanying. This tour chronicled Dylan's move to electric music, which elicited much consternation, and his UK audiences were particularly unhappy. This recording was released on October 13, 1998, and peaked at #21 on the Billboard 200 and at #19 in the United Kingdom.

Misnamed owing to the initial bootleg being labeled as recordings from the Royal Albert Hall, one song from Dylan's actual Albert Hall concerts had been previously released, his May 26 performance of "Visions of Johanna" on the box set retrospective Biograph in 1985. Three additional performances from the tour have also seen official release: "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" from the Odeon Theatre in Liverpool on May 14 as the b-side to the "I Want You" single; "I Don't Believe You" from the ABC Theatre in Belfast on May 6, also on Biograph; and "Ballad of A Thin Man" from the ABC Theatre in Edinburgh on May 20, on Vol. 7 of the Bootleg Series. "It's All Over Now" from this set had previously been released on Biograph as well.

Volume 5 comprises 22 recordings from the Rolling Thunder Revue tour, recorded at shows from late November and early December of 1975 in Boston, Cambridge, Montreal, and Worcester. Four are in duet with Joan Baez, and one with Roger McGuinn. It was released on November 26, 2002, and peaked at #56 on the Billboard 200 and at #69 in the UK.

It documents the traveling caravan of musicians led by Dylan through New England, New York, Quebec, Ontario in the autumn of 1975 prior to his album Desire. The previously released Hard Rain documents the second leg of tour through the American South and Rocky Mountain states, and received largely negative reviews. By contrast, this set got a warm reception from critics and fans - although some lamented that it does not document a complete show from the tour

Volume 6 contains 19 recordings comprising the entire Halloween concert of October 31, 1964, at the Philharmonic Hall in New York. Three songs are in duet with Joan Baez, with Dylan accompanying Baez on guitar only for the folk standard "Silver Dagger." It was released on March 30, 2004, and peaked at #28 on the Billboard 200.

Volume 7 contains 28 recordings spanning 1959 to 1966, with 11 outtakes from sessions for the albums The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, Another Side of Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde on Blonde. Two tracks, "Song to Woody" and "Like A Rolling Stone" had been previously released respectively on his debut album and Vol. 4 of the Bootleg Series. The remaining 15 tracks include nine live performances, prominent the version of "Maggie's Farm" from the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, four home demos with his earliest extant recording from 1959, another publishing demo duplicated on Vol. 9, and a track for the 1963 television program Folk Songs and More Folk Songs. Released on August 30, 2005, it peaked at #16 on the Billboard 200.

No Direction Home arrived in stores as an accompaniment to the authorized Dylan documentary by Martin Scorsese broadcast in the United States on PBS in late September of 2005. As the soundtrack was compiled, it was decided by manager Jeff Rosen to include material that was not featured in the documentary, including a large number of studio outtakes that were previously unreleased. The monophonic recording of "Maggie's Farm" has been mixed for "fake stereo" on the compilation.

Volume 8 contains 27 recordings spanning 1989 to 2006, with 15 outtakes from sessions for the albums Oh Mercy, World Gone Wrong, Time Out of Mind, and Modern Times. Three songs had been previously released, two on soundtracks for the films Lucky You and Gods and Generals, and one in duet with Ralph Stanley for the album Clinch Mountain Country. The remaining nine tracks include five live recordings, an alternate take from the soundtrack to North Country, a song for an unfinished film in 2005, another for an abandoned album project with David Bromberg in 1992, and a piano demo of "Dignity."

Tell Tale Signs was originally released as a double-disc set on October 6, 2008, and peaked at #6 on the Billboard 200, selling over 600,000 copies. A limited edition triple-disc set was also available, with a third disc consisting of twelve additional recordings, a seven-inch vinyl single, and a 150-page book. The first disc of both sets was also released separately.


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