For Honor preload now and play ubisoft

For Honor preload now and play ubisoft

Found 7th Feb 2017
For Honor, new upcoming game for PC, PS4 and Xbox one.

Requires Uplay installed on PC before you click the PRE-LOAD NOW FOR THE OPEN BETA - PC (also on uplay newsfeed)

everyone has a chance to fight for ultimate victory and Reign Supreme. Only those who fight for the winning faction in the Open Beta will reap the ultimate reward. Prepare for the Open Beta, which will run from February 9th to 12th.

Fractions: Knights, Samurai and Vikings. winning fraction will be rewarded after beta

Recent trailer, gameplay 2017-…YsU

Uplay download -

For Honor website -…ons

haven't tested ps4 or xbox one

(1st upload) so any tips will help thanks
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I played the closed beta and wasn't impressed by it, but that's just me.
Yeah I kind of liked it but not sure I'd buy it as a full game
I bought and paid the mad price £37. cheaper then else where and a tenner cashback from months back . Great game loved it . Use knight warden . Warden is under dog was destroying players at higher ranks . Vikings and peacekeeprs are for the cheat players who need that edge to do those weak **** moves . But still I became wise to that . Players who flinch constantly is annoying but I would just wait and do them to lol . The game is mind games 1v 1 is all I played . The film sleepers if you remember when his in the bar and it the toilet looking in mirror and smiles and fells uplifted as his going to kill the guys who abused him in prison . Well before each match that the smile I get . love the game
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