For your secret santa: Railway Atlas of Mongolia £1 delivered WH Smith!!!

For your secret santa: Railway Atlas of Mongolia £1 delivered WH Smith!!!

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Just ordering the fab Insight Family World Atlas and came across this which I've just GOT to have for hubby's Christmas to make up for the socket set he bought me last year. Availability >4 weeks, but surely it has to be worth the wait??? According to Amazon, it's out of print, so no guarantee you'll get it, but just think how exciting it would be if you did...

Just imagine their faces on Christmas day.

92p delivered after Quidco.
Go know you want to...


Brilliant! I hope you get a copy. Seems to be a rare title.

Found another seller if Smiths don't 'deliver'.…htm

lol cheers!

Are you sure you're doing the correct thing?
I do hope your hubby's heart is sound, otherwise his excitement upon opening this could prove fatal.
Voted hot.

Bu*ger, if only it had been Outer Mongolia I'd of ordered one! :whistling:

Quality! We've got a railway enthusiast in our work so I'm tempted to buy it except we draw the lots out of a hat for our Xmas Secret Santa so I wouldn't be guaranteed to draw him, but would be funny all the same tho!

Brilliant read - all 4 pages of it!!! Just ordered one for a train-spotter at work. Thanks. :-D

Does anybody still find this 'joke' gift idea funny?…olp heres some used ones if they dont come, much more than £1 though LOL


Does anybody still find this 'joke' gift idea funny?

Yes. :santa: :-D


Yes. :santa: :-D

Well I'm glad that I don't work with you.

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Well I'm glad that I don't work with you.

Likewise :p:p:p

none left..........................

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Got my proper atlas delivered today, but no mention of this which was in the same order - will have to wait and see if it turns up.

Shame they've pulled it. Perhaps all the interest will spark a re-print?!

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Gutted. Waited by the letterbox with fingers crossed every day for the past 10 weeks, and finally received this email today:

Dear xxxxxxx

Due to issues outside of our control it is with regret that I have to inform you that your order ref 19307570 has been cancelled.

Product Title: Railway Atlas of Mongolia
Product Code/ISBN: 9781856151290
Sold by: WHSmith
Price: £1.00
Quantity: 1

Please be assured that no debit has been made to your payment card for this item.

Customer Service Team

Now, what other carp can I spend my quid on?:-D
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