Forbidden Planet Sale
Forbidden Planet Sale

Forbidden Planet Sale

Forbidden Planet have got quite a few items in their sale pages with some huge savings such as:-

1602 Dr. Stephen Strange 8" figure Was £79.99 Now £29.99

1:18th Scale 2004 Batmobile Was £29.99 Now £8.99

Acree Statue Was £129.99 Now £34.99

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ultimate Collectible Card Set
Was £199.99 Now 69.99

Set Of 4 Collectible Doctor Who Plates Was £99.96 Now £37.50

Simpsons - Bart, Homer, Lisa & Maggie Collectors Plate's Was £24.99 each Now £10.99 each

And my personal favourite forbiddenplanet.co.uk/ind…e=2
Not too bothered about the saving I would probably buy one at full price anyway

Plus plenty of other items.

Dont forget 4% quidco aswell


Not my sort of thing but voted hot as the reductions on the site look very good. Thanks for taking the time to post Phil.

Could I add - this may or may not work on sale items - a discount code for 10% off:



Thanks for the post Phil306. @ Babbler - I've linked your new voucher post to the above deal as well

Forbidden Planet's "Sale" pages are an ongoing feature of their site rather than a flash in the pan..get in quick kinda sale.
The prices on a lot of these collectables are seriously ramped up initially which means that a lot of these items can now be made to look like great % discounts, when in fact if the items were so collectable then the fans would have snatched them up to treasure or as investements.
That said, the list can sometimes have some genuine bargains so it's worth trawling through once in a while & if you can use the discount voucher then it's even better.

PLEASE NOTE - P&P charges vary according to item & quantity so maybe worth keeping an eye on your basket total as you go?!?

Original Poster

I take your point on the starting prices as its not very often i look in the sale as i generally use FB for graphic novels..but a quick check shows the original starting price for the Dr. Who plates may be a bit expensive but the sale price is cheaper than the only other place I could find them here

Also this is the only other price I could find for the Buffy tradind cards with coffin, which is a lot more


An Abraham Lincoln action figure, lolz, what next?

Abe Lincoln Jr. Dunny of course


wow thx - ill order a Gunn Plate and a Legolas Lunch Box asap

voted hot...Ive got some nerdy/geeky mates who are so difficult people to buy xmas pressies for, problem now solved. Thanks phil for posting this also thx Babbler for the discount code
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