Found 30th Dec 2009Made hot 1st Jan 2009
100's of sale items now available online & more added throughout jan!
while stocks last!


Always good for a browse...........thanks for posting.

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no probs first time to do so

Ordered a few things on 18th Dec..... still waiting for delivery. :thinking:

Civic EG6;7370897

I wouldnt use this site if I were … I wouldnt use this site if I were you: the other site is ok.

Luckily I paid through Paypal. :thumbsup::)

Never had problems with these guys...
the other FD is too expensive.

I ordered whenever someone posted the deal about the Superman pens and Star Wars keyrings that were on clearance and free shipping (not long before Christmas) and they came yesterday. Good deal!

The £5.80 shipping was enough to put me off ordering anything sadly

this is a good company, shame they take a while sometimes for delivery, or don't send it at all without telling you

wouldn't bother with them, i'm still awaiting stuff from the last january sale, and they are impossible to contact

Voucher still working, ...... Thanks :thumbsup:

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Hot. Thanks

worst. company. ever.

pfft still waiting for them to deliver stuff i ordered last year

I have ordered a couple of things from them when they've had things at a good price but found they are useless. They never let you know when they will send your order, at times I've waited months only to receive nothing. I've had to contact them by phone only to find out that the website does not have any live stock availablity which means even though the item might not be in stock, they still let your order go through without telling you it's not in stock, they then wait to receive the items from their supplier, and when I've called them they never know how long that will take. It's a really bad way to do business.

Take aaaages to deliver, and dont even tell you if an item is out of stock! Avoid! However....go to the shop instead if you have one nearby

Or go to the proper FP site which is .com not

I pre-ordered with them, got the item fine and with no problems at all while the furore was going.

well that explains things. I had a call recently from my bank saying they found my old (cancelled) credit card details and address on a website and were calling me to let me know about it. After reading this, I remembered I had registered that card at


The one and only time I've ever had credit card fraud was due to FP :x

I gave up using this company a couple of years ago.
They list items for sale when they are out of stock.
They take pre-orders then do not notify you when the items are delayed or not released at all

They even charged my credit card to pay someone else's order once

Customer service is dreadful, they promise to fix things and then do nothing

The .com site is a different story, but this one gets a big thumbs down from me


I ordered the cheap lego indy set a few days ago - the one with the two planes down from 45 to 17 quid (or something).

Reading these comments makes me think it's not likely to ever arrive?...

Glad I used paypal - at least that some protection. Although it does mean they have taken the money already... How long should I wait until I start complaining? I think they claim orders are normally delivered within 28 days so I guess I need to give them at least that long :-/


Ordered a few things on 18th Dec..... still waiting for delivery. … Ordered a few things on 18th Dec..... still waiting for delivery. :thinking:

I ordered around same time, although my halo model was smashed to bits. Beware lads, the packaging from forbidden planet is **** poor.

Still waiting for order from September , Can't see me getting it.

Also had 3 mobile payments taken from my account around October always thought my card details were taken from looks like it was with ForbiddenPlanet.

Quite confused as to how this could be hot? You may get a good deal initially, but looks like it's cost many people a lot of money in long run....sites like these should be banned from here

Just received an email confirming that my order for the Lego Indiana Jones sets has been cancelled!

Won't bother ordering from them again. Glad I paid with Paypal too!

Same here...

Unfortunately, we have now had to stop taking any more orders for this … Unfortunately, we have now had to stop taking any more orders for this item. Please be assured that your paypal payment will now be refunded. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Won't be using them again

Ditto on the lego - though pre-ordered the Temple of Doom.

Still showing on web-site as a pre-order item.

Have used FP before - not again.

Total CRAP just had a full refund on all my order.... what I pile of poo...

Why have a website with inventory and then dont manage the stock levels correctly.. what rubbish service... Boo !

Had an email about my lego order sorry but you are not getting it,heres hoping they go bust:x
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