Posted 9 January 2023

Various Books for £5 + £2 postage - e.g Justice League: The Art Of The Film (Hardcover) £7 delivered @ Forbidden Planet

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Whilst I've just linked to books here, they have a much wider sale with clothing and models, etc. I wanted to focus on (what I believe to be) some great deals on books that I don't tend to find elsewhere. I spent far too much earlier today and everything was cheaper than the likes of Amazon (hence I think it's a great deal).

Some examples (the £5 mark gets the best deals imo):
Rick & Morty: Show Me What You Got (Hardcover) - £5
Assassin's Creed: Into The Animus (Hardcover) - £5
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice: Art Of The Film (Hardcover) - £5
Justice League: The Art Of The Film (Hardcover) - £5
The Art Of Star Trek: The Kelvin Timeline (Hardcover) - £5
Star Trek: Picard: The Classic Chronicles - £5
Star Wars: Insider: Aliens, Creatures & Droids - £5

There's more Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as Firefly (posted elsewhere here) and many other 'coffee table' books for other sci-fi films, games and artists.

Postage is applicable, depending how much you buy - from £2 up to around £6 (I bought 18 books)
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    The making of moon is in there too, great book, as is the greatest sci-fi movies never made
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    All of these books have been on sale at Forbidden Planet for the past couple of years - occasionally they go out out of stock, but very rarely. They are all fantastic value if you have an interest in art and concept design, but you won’t be making any money on these titles.
    If you live near London, always check the clearance section of their Shaftesbury Avenue store - as lots of these books are even cheaper.
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    Ordered five books I will never read. Cheers OP.
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    I have loads of these already but not the Man of Steel one and looking at a YouTube vid it’s superb. I would also recommend all the assassins creed art books .
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    Thanks op. I think I'll pick out Moon, Preacher and Pacific Rim making of books. Almost tempted to get The Predator book but does it come with an apology. Although saying that, last time I got the making of Alien Covenant. I don't like the film but the artwork book was lovely.

    It's not like the old days with people hunched over detailed models and animatronic beasties. I can only take so many pictures of people sitting at computer monitors. 😁
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    Absolute bargain in regards to the Assassin's Creed books

    Purchased 4:

    Assassin's Creed: Complete Visual History (Hardcover)
    The Art Of Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Hardcover)
    The Art Of Assassin's Creed 3 (Hardcover)
    Art Of Assassin's Creed: Unity (Hardcover)

    the total comes to £25.49 and that's with the £5.50 P&P included,no point getting one because the £5.50 postage will still apply so better to stack em in bulk, 2 of these books alone retail for around £45 Minimum ...4 of them together & you are looking at close to £80, did a little experiment on Amazon to see how much these for would go for, price came to £72 & only cos The Art of Assassin's creed 3 is on a deal

    Shame that Origins & Odyessy aren't included but it's an absolute no-brainer at that price! Also these books don't tend to lose much value.

    Massive Heat!
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    Checked this looking for some comics or manga seeing as it's forbidden planet but its seems to be just books about films on sale (edited)
    That's because I selected books. There's quite a few comic-type items here (edited the filter).
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    Some amazing Art books there, great spot.
    I went for the 'Best Of Star Wars Insider' series. It seems to be well reviewed and whilst I'm not as fanatical as some, I'm hoping they will be a good read.
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    Which ones are the best ones? anyone can recommend?
    I would have thought the Star Wars / Star Trek stuff is of interest to fans. Otherwise, the 'art of' books to any film you like.
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    Bought a few things to make the shipping more palatable. I guess they hosed me good and proper. Instead of spending £5 + £5.50pnp, I paid £20 + £5.50pnp.

    Got Pacific Rim 1 Artbook, Assassins Creed: Complete Visual, Wonder Woman: Art of, and a Pop Vinyl.
    I spent over £90... I'm expecting a big truck any day!
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    Only just got a Dispatch email. Pay £5.50 delivery for that
    Cheap when you consider the weight. They will also come very well packed.
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