Ford Fiesta Sale from £9795 total @ Vospers

Ford Fiesta Sale from £9795 total @ Vospers

Found 12th May 2017
Seems like a bargain when some Lease deals can cost half that. ST models on sale too and with the new Fiesta ST not coming out until middle of next year(?) stock will be short for a while.

Studio £9,795
Zetec £10,995 / £149pm
ST-Line £13,995 / £189
ST £16,495 / £199

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Drive The Deal should at least match, possibly better these prices.

As there are so many good lease deals around these days, this is eroding residual values of new cars so you need to haggle hard to get the price as low as possible, and then hang on to the car beyond 3 years to get value from it.

If you only plan on keeping the car 2 years you'd probably still be better off leasing.
whats ford like nowadays? I remember being in my friends Mondeo in the 90's must have been a 4 year old car. on the motorway the brakes stopped working. we @it ourselves. brought the car to a stop by using handbrake. AA said the brakes were wired in to the electrics (modern car!)

my FIL had a 2007 Mondeo in 2007. within 2 years the car was scrapped. riddled with engine problems and thousands spent with Ford dealership

never again!!
i paid 9200 for the studio in 2014
Wrong badge on the front for most people...

Built by Germans but somehow not as good...
had a fiesta hire car recently, liked it. A better overall experience than the current focus.
Anyone know a deal on 1.0 auto titanium spec please?

Anyone know a deal on 1.0 auto titanium spec please?

​speak to these guys? they're clearing stock.
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