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Free Ford Breakdown Cover with service at Ford dealer
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
I've had this for a few years, if you get your ford car serviced at a Ford dealer then you can get free breakdown cover for 12 months. I was told this time that they only give it i… Read more
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I was told . Not with motorcraft service . You will get it but only the more expensive ford service . Am i missing something . I have a service with them the 19th but i yook a ford motorcraft service for 140pounds minus a voucher of 30pouds posted here.


There is a participation list in this link if you scroll down a little.


Fiat do a similar thing as my wife had her Fiat 500 serviced yesterday and came back with a 1 year breakdown cover


Lookers Ford / Jennings dealerships in my area support this (highfive)


I used this service literally 3 days ago. Excellent deal. Car wouldn’t start in my driveway. AA actually turned up and were there within 15 minutes.

Test drive a new ford, get a Free night stay at a spa
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Relax, Unwind and Explore a Handpicked Hotel Stay After the madness of Christmas, why not slow down and enjoy the delights of a luxury Hand Picked Hotel stay, compliments of Think … Read more
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Yes I got my voucher through the post a few days ago


Has anyone heard back about the offer? Had a drive test drive in the new Focus, turns out to be over £100/mth more than my evoque, with them saying that the focus will lose a load in depreciation thus the higher cost. They said someone would be in touch re: the hotel offer but that was just short of a month ago...


Did mine today on a Mustang GT, Lovely car. Apparently they forward our details onto the Marketing Team and they get in touch with us regarding the offer.


Did the test drive today....took 10mins and then further 10mins chat and all done


Such a random offer

Ford kuga or ford ecosport 48 hr test drive at your local ford dealership
Found 6th Aug 2018Found 6th Aug 2018
Ford kuga or ford ecosport 48 hr test drive at your local ford dealership
test drive a brand new suv at your local ford dealership. You can choose between two of our SUVs, the compact Ford EcoSport, or the more spacious Ford Kuga - each boasting intelli… Read more

Did anyone manage to take a car for 48 hour drive? They rang me and offered only 30 minutes drive. Apparently not all dealers are participating........


It was done, until you piped up looking for "likes".


Could you two just get a room? Or, ideally, shut the hell up and get off this thread. It's incredibly tedious for everyone else who just wants to discuss this particular offer. Thanks!


But ypu are... Priceless! Keep at it! It's what you do best!


Of course, but you used a capital letter, denoting the company, not a sage. Got it?

4% Regular Saver from Ford Money
Found 18th May 2017Found 18th May 2017
4% Regular Saver from Ford Money
Hey gang… I’ve found a great deal for regular savers who want to stash away up to £250 each month. Ford Money’s (yes the car company) has launched two savings products paying 4% … Read more
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I only use cards with 0% interest and no balance transfer fees


Do you end up having large bank transfer fees on the cards? So would you end up making a smaller amount of 'profit' after paying the fee?


It doesn't really matter now as the account is no longer available but I believe it is because if you have a Cash ISA product with one provider it can be classed as a "split ISA" and so you can have multiple accounts but they are all part of the same ISA product.


Again, I thought the rules on ISAs was clear, only 1 new Cash ISA per Tax Year.


That's what was being discussed.

"Free" breakdown cover for Ford with dealership service
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
If you take your Ford to be serviced at a participating Ford Dealer you will receive UK and European Roadside Assistance valid from the date of service for 12 months, or until the … Read more
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used to be - got mine on a 3 year service plan and they will do it this year but - not on new services unless it's a newish car


Not a freebie.


They will buy it cheap from AA as breakdowns are supposedly less likely as the vehicle has been serviced. This used to be available on their value service but it would appear not anymore. I got it with my interim service so it was about the same price for service and breakdown cover as buying AA cover alone.


Absolutely agree that their is no such thing as a free lunch. in my case the full service was £249 and the cost equivalent for the AA breakdown cover is around £180-£190 that makes the service way under £100. Having just been caught out without cover on another car recently, I was about to buy Breakdown


Great advert for their car servicing standards - of course this cost will not be included somewhere in their service charge - car dealers are always giving away freebies :D

Ford servicing by Motorcraft inc 12 mths Roadside Warranty £115 with code
Found 2nd Aug 2016Found 2nd Aug 2016
Ford used to be the best selling of all cars so there must be a few owners out there who will appreciate this post... I am about to sell my son's low mileage 12 registered late mo… Read more

Code is still valid btw. I have just used it and got £10 off.


Thank you Graham1979. I have a Skoda myself (I love my VRS!) - this is the first time that I have involved myself with a Ford (other than owning a Cortina Mk4 in the "old days") - current models are not my own cup of tea but even if one person gets a deal out of it, it is worth the post!? sierra111


This is a good deal but in fairness it has been around for years. I have used it for past 3 years. Ford parts at a Ford dealership with 12 months AA cover with home start. The extra 70 quid service includes fuel filter and with the cost of the filter and time taken its worth getting it done every 2 - 3 years (I only do 6k a year). The TDCI fuel filter are not self priming which catch people out when the engine wont start after replacing.


Cheers for the link EveshamLad - I hadn't seen that!


[img][/img] Don't forget to ask for your FREE 12 month complimentary AA roadside cover too :)

Ford Focus MK1 Clarion 6 Disc Changer £29.99 plus postage @ fordpartsuk
Found 7th Jun 2016Found 7th Jun 2016
Ford Focus MK1 Clarion 6 Disc Changer £29.99 plus postage @ fordpartsuk
£29.99Ford Deals
fordpartsuk have the Clarion 6 CD Changer Kit for the MK1 Ford Focus (98-05) reduced from £490 to only £29.99 plus postage. Sounds like a bargain.

I can't remember the last time I saw a Mk1 Focus, they seem to be like 'shake yer ass' Renaults, most of them must have gone to the crusher. Shurely no-one is going to spend money on 11 to 16 year old bangers?


A classic shed is more appropriate


Fred &'Wilma Flintstone, Barney Rubble


just fit a aux cord or use usb flash drive looool


I would hardly call a 2005 Ford focus a classic!

RRP of £648 - 4x Original Ford (98/05 Focus, also fits other Fords) Alloys (15") for £99.99 @ Ford
Found 26th Apr 2016Found 26th Apr 2016
RRP of £648 - 4x Original Ford (98/05 Focus, also fits other Fords) Alloys (15") for £99.99 @ Ford
£99.99Ford Deals
Just got an email about FordPartsUK clearing out some original Ford Focus alloys at a steal of a price. Just got shot of my C-Max as it and the identical predecessor have been the … Read more
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@indigowest2004 Did you receive your 8 sets?


Still haven't picked mine up but they are waiting for me. Anyone else enjoying theirs?


I got a call this afternoon.


See also eBay Item 310787874898. Same item, same company, different price(£169.99). 15 sold before listing was ended.


Ordered 8 sets. Been dispatched and will arive on tuesday anyone interested in buying a pair off me please message me. Cheers!

Ford Winter Service Check - £9.99
Found 4th Nov 2015Found 4th Nov 2015
Ford Winter Service Check - £9.99
Please be gentle, this is my first post and I am not a car genius but here goes! I have found an offer for a Ford winter check promotion. Car must be over 4 years old for the offer… Read more

Halfords do a free winter check.


Think you will find the MOT Test is the suitable measure of a car's roadworthiness. The MOT Test combined with regular servicing, and your own personal responsibility to check lights, tyres, fluid levels, etc. is all that is required. I don't doubt some people will find this check reassuring. However, I feel that these offers just encourage people to be lazy. If you drive a car, you should know how to check the basics. Word of caution about these, and which adds to my cynicism. I got a free 'Health Check' from Arnold Clark as part of the MOT Test. It advised that my Vauxhall supplied tyre repair kit had an expiry date of whatever. My car has a **** spare wheel, not a can of gunk. Go figure, total load of cobblers. Anyway, this is getting boring now, and slightly off topic. Not sure if it is a deal, as can be got free elsewhere. PS. Check 19, 20 & 21 – Pads/Discs/Wheel bearings. You will need to take any alloy wheel lock nut key with you. As to check these properly on many cars, the wheel needs to be removed. Do you really think they will do that!!!


Fair point. Fords have come on since the days of the Escort!


Because like you say, there are people out there that know nothing about cars like myself! At least this winter check will inform me of any jobs that need doing (plus refills) I don't necessarily have to have the jobs done there! But at least i will know about them, surely if it saves 1 person from having an accident due to car problems, this deal is good!


Utter rubbish..

If you drive a Ford built between 2005-2011, Ford are offering a Comprehensive 30-point Summer Check for just £9.99 with Air Conditioning Refresh
Found 11th Jun 2015Found 11th Jun 2015
If you drive a Ford built between 2005-2011, Ford are offering a Comprehensive 30-point Summer Check for just £9.99 with Air Conditioning Refresh
Between June 12th-28th. Check 1 – Wheels and Tyres Check 2 – Glass Check 3 – Mirrors Check 4 – Bodywork Check 5 – Exterior lights Check 6 – Horn Check 7 – Wipers Check 8 – Washers… Read more
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Exactly! I bought a can for £5 from Asda!


ford service.... lol.. i had my ford galaxy from new as my company car. they serviced it at every interval with no comment. I had to take it there for its first MOT before it was sent back to the leasing company. They failed it for having two euro headlights that had the wrong pattern. When my company pointed out i hadn't had a single accident in it and the lights must have been wrong from day one when it was built, ford said, speak to your employee, he must have exchanged his headlights with someone from the EU, and fitted theirs. Sounds reasonable, yes ford, i sat in my galaxy in dover docks for 3 weeks waiting for a Belgian galaxy to roll off the ferry, chase him down, and swap headlights !!!!!


Not letting the stealers touch my Mondeo after the last experiences ive had with them! Example 1) Used to have a 2005 Focus. Took it to them for the £99 service & MOT. Said it needed £1500 worth of repairs ranging from buckled wheel to indicator bulbs wrong colour (the list goes on) - the car was having its 2nd MOT at this point as it was 4 years old. I took it to another local garage, they looked at the MOT fail sheet and just laughed. Only thing it needed was a new CV boot (as it had a 'screwdriver' pierce mark through it!? - looking at you Polar Ford Huddersfield!!) . Total bill came to £75. Example 2) My Mondeo i bought from 6 months old as an Ex-Demonstrator. In the first 3 years i took it to Ford dealers for servicing and minor bits of warranty work. Its now 5 years old and out of warranty, and i recently replaced 2 blown speakers myself - one was previously replaced by Ford under warranty and had blown again. Upon removing the door cards, i find screws missing, broken clips and the sound deadening torn and broken. Really poor and shabby work from them - I vowed none of my future cars wont be returning to a Ford Dealer.


Comment Well that on its own normally costs £12!


Horn check? That's handy.

Ford Merchandise on sale, Ford Kuga 1:43 model £7.33 from £22.87 and more @ Ford
Found 5th May 2015Found 5th May 2015
Ford Merchandise on sale, Ford Kuga 1:43 model £7.33 from £22.87 and more @ Ford
Lots of Ford merchandise on sale. Not bad if you are a Ford fan.

Delivery to UK from €8.95....


nice find but do they ship to the UK?

Buy a Ford car and get 12 months Sky for free
Found 22nd May 2014Found 22nd May 2014
Buy a Ford car and get 12 months Sky for free
If you are in the market for a new car and are looking at Ford then this offer could be for you. Basically by any Ford (excludes Ka) and you can get Sky TV for free. If you already… Read more

Deal doesnt give much away? Is this limited to certain garages, etc?


I was gonna say the other way round would be a deal lol


its because sky over 12 months costs as much as a ford car, lol


I agree that if you are buying a Ford anyway this is a great deal! Voted hot on that basis. But this is hardly going to get them extra customers. Seems like a very bizarre promotion.


While it wouldn't make anyone buy a ford over another make. It is worth claiming if you are buying a Ford anyway and didn't know about it.

All Genuine Ford Servicing (Including Fixed Price Servicing from £119) now with 1 years (possibly longer) Free UK/European Roadside Assistance & Free Nectar Points.
Found 29th Oct 2013Found 29th Oct 2013
All Genuine Ford Servicing (Including Fixed Price Servicing from £119) now with 1 years (possibly longer) Free UK/European Roadside Assistance & Free Nectar Points.
This promotion applies to Ford retail, Privilege and Ambassador customers owning a Ford car or commercial vehicle excluding fleet, having a Ford Scheduled Service or a Ford Motorcr… Read more

Details of Ford Fixed Price promotion follows: Starts at £119 (with 1700 Bonus Nectar Points) , they are also currently offering Megapoints on Nectar : MEGAPOINTS this October! Collect DOUBLE Nectar points at your participating Ford Dealer. Visit Ford this October and when you quote “MEGAPOINTS” you will receive DOUBLE Nectar points on your Ford routine servicing, repairs, tyres or even an MOT at any participating Ford Dealer. Simply present your Nectar card upon payment and quote “MEGAPOINTS” to collect 4 points for every £1 spent.


Yeah just gone up from £99.


got the free aa cover with my service in june.


Hasn't this just gone up in price from £99? Nectar had an offer of 10000 extra points when I took my car for the service in September. Also got the recovery offer.

GENUINE Ford RS Accessory 18'' Alloy Wheel Set Of 4 White Painted Finish £288.00 @ Ford Parts UK
Found 24th Oct 2013Found 24th Oct 2013
GENUINE Ford RS Accessory 18'' Alloy Wheel Set Of 4 White Painted Finish £288.00 @ Ford Parts UK
Was looking around at prices to get my wheels refurbed and came across these wheels for the bargain price of £240+VAT (£288)...Price is usually about £180 per wheel! Shame they ar… Read more
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Anyone got these on a cmax ghia 2006 . Dark grey colour.


Great price voted hot for sure ;) if only if they had black ones as will go with colour of my car better! Anyone ordered & received these at all? thanks


That would make your wheels worth more than your car then. Lol


White alloy wheels are an absolute nightmare to keep clean. I seriously wouldn't recommend them unless you're happy cleaning them once a week. I'm not talking ordinary dirt, brake dust sticks to them like epoxy resin.


Good Spot andyflames1. They are indeed back on Ebay again at £288 with Free Delivery 4 Brand New - 18 Inch Ford RS Alloy Wheels Make an Offer option in previous listing has been removed, though no one following this deal genuinely had a lower offer accepted anyway.

Ford Major Service and 12 Months Roadside Assistance for £189.99 at Dinnages
Found 17th Oct 2013Found 17th Oct 2013
Ford Major Service and 12 Months Roadside Assistance for £189.99 at Dinnages
£189.99Ford Deals
Just got a major service done on my car at Dinnages Ford in Worthing. Quote "Motorcraft" for the discount. MOT is also available for £35 under the same offer. MOT and major servi… Read more

Pye Motors are the cheapest and are in the north west (Cumbria & lancashire) MOT's are always £35. Services start at £99. 01539 816800


Same deal at my local - as above its a national offer, however op forgot to mention the 2300 nectar points you also collect


I work for a ford dealer and this is the same offer available at pretty much ALL ford dealers not hot at all really


Is there a link to the 'motorcraft' code promotion? Want to see what this motorcraft promo is all about.. ie. Is it just at Dinnages or is it available at other garages throughout the country. Cant see anything on the web about this code promotion Thanks


Does it have to be a ford?

FREE event to learn advanced skills in speed, handling and vehicle control with Ford Driving Skills for Life programme
Found 8th Oct 2013Found 8th Oct 2013
FREE event to learn advanced skills in speed, handling and vehicle control with Ford Driving Skills for Life programme
FREE event to learn advanced skills in speed, handling and vehicle control. Eligibility: Young drivers aged 17 - 24 FREE hands-on training, learning advanced skills in hazard reco… Read more
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I d have loved the chance to go but seriously just london and Manchester ? Not much choice, seems a token effort for pr purposes


ageist b******ds


Unfortunately many of the people who could most benefit from this (the teenage lads who drive right up your backside, weave in and out and think the national speed limit sign at the end of our road is a challenge) would probably have no interest and think it was beneath them, being the expert drivers that they are. This sort of training should be mandatory, rather than an optional freebie!! That said, for those who can benefit from the course, fantastic. If my kids were old enough to drive they'd be getting sent whether they liked it or not! Great find.


This could be a benefit to a lot of people. Thanks OP for posting.


Would definitely vote this hot, but posted too late really. Manchester session is today! Voted hot anyway as signed up to be notified if they have any more courses :)

Additional £500 off a new Ford Focus between 15 August and 30 September 2013
Found 23rd Aug 2013Found 23rd Aug 2013
Additional £500 off a new Ford Focus between 15 August and 30 September 2013
The £500 off is in addition to any other promotions that your dealer may be offering. All you need to qualify is to test drive, purchase and register between now and the end of Se… Read more

Cold because car dealers are all a bunch of A** H**** who think the public are all thick and know nothing of their underhanded practices and shady dealings. I have always found them slimey and they make me squirm as soon as they start to talk. So there. :p


Cold, not Subaru. :{


If you visit the drivethedeal site you will discover that Ford operate a differential pricing policy that discriminates against private buyers. VAT registered traders can buy a new Ford for considerably less than ordinary folk. It is disappointing because they have some very attractive vehicles but I wouldn't buy one - obviously you incur an immediate depreciation if you pay above the market price.


I was told the new plate starts end of September


According to the blurb it's in addition to any other promotions that might be running or offered by the dealer that you go to ..

Car and Van 30 point Winter check with Fluid's top-up for MINUS 1p after £20 M&S voucher is given from Ford. Plus Nectar points
LocalLocalFound 19th Feb 2013Found 19th Feb 2013
Car and Van 30 point Winter check with Fluid's top-up for MINUS 1p after £20 M&S voucher is given from Ford. Plus Nectar points
Ford Winter Check - only £19.99 and you'll receive a £20 M&S voucher We all want to keep our vehicle protected from the very worst of the British weather. So to make sure you’r… Read more

Yes I appreciate that not all will have mechanical knowledge like myself. And this is great for those who dont. However, my point is that this is something dealers often offer for free anyway. Its just glorified with the M&S voucher marketing promo that I can see youve got sucked into. Oooh and the free coffee.


if they do pick up work to be done under warranty, then surely thats better for people than it outside warranty... if it is outside warranty then at least you can go elsewhere IF you want the work done. I'd rather somebody else check my car whilst i was inside drinking a free tea/coffee. no pleasing some people


Let me get this straight - for this (very basic check) you pay £20 and get a £20 M&S voucher for the privilege? I do the same check on my vehicle on a monthly basis (with little effort). In my opinion, any caring owner can do those checks without much effort, but appreciate checking the battery and suspension is not on the average owners check sheet. My car gets the very same check if I drive it into the dealership (and yes, the manufacturer is a prestige car manufacturer but no, they are not and never generous). Guess how much they charge me for it? A ridiculous £0. This is cold. Why? - well because Ford have just got a marketing scheme with M&S, where they are just tying spend back into M&S' lovely stores and Ford can spot potential problems with cars to fix them and make money (whether directly off the owner or the warranty company that underwrites Ford warranties).


Well the deal is for any car (you have to call them to book a non-Ford in). Besides which would look like a better picture? A white TT or a Ford Focus? I know which I'd prefer.


If you try to book it,it asks you for your ford car details.If somebody gets this to work without it being a ford can you please post how to do it. Thanks

Ford 30 point Winter Safety Check £19.99 plus free £20 M&S Voucher
Found 14th Jan 2013Found 14th Jan 2013
Ford 30 point Winter Safety Check £19.99 plus free £20 M&S Voucher
£19.99Ford Deals
I heard this being advertised on the radio and thought it sounded like a good deal. Apologies if its been posted elsewhere... "Ford Winter Check - only £19.99 and you'll receive a… Read more
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Totally agree with all the bad comments about ford I worked there and we would have a service to do and before we got the keys the receptionist had rang to get authorisation for a loads of work to be done before anyone had seen the car in the workshop!!


Pretty Sure these checks that Ford do are part of the driving test. I remember being asked on my test 'how do you check the oil level' and 'how do you check the handbrake' So they are basically charging for something that you legally should know already. Ford cars i have no problems with, its the dealers that are complete **(insert expletive here)** I've had a very similar situation - Booked my Focus in for a Value service and MOT and (as mentioned above) they tried charging me £1500 for MOT for a Full service. When i said no, it had a value service which includes a free MOT, NOT a full service!. the woman at the desk looked at me like i was a piece of dirt!. Then they tried charging me for the MOT which was free with the service, i told them i am paying £99 and no more. So after i paid i angrily snatched my keys whilst telling them i am never stepping foot in this showroom again!. Complete Idiots!!!


My Focus had to go in for a recall repair last year at a ford garage. They managed to cross thread the screws holding the air cooler down then told me it would be £750 to replace the whole unit! Took it to my local garage who bolted it back down. Looking at the deal above they dont actually do anything ( apart from top up anti freeze and Screen wash and to be honest I wouldnt trust them to do this). If you want a £20 M & S gift voucher go out and buy yourself one!


Totally agree..... if you cant do these simple checks yourself..... then you deserve to be ripped off.


Last year when my Focus was coming up to a year old and due its first service, i had a call from a Ford call center telling me my service was due and would i like to book it in with my local Ford dealer. I asked for a quote and they told me it would be £250. When i told them it was too dear and would get quotes from an independent garage, i was told unless i had my car serviced at a Ford main dealer it would invalidate my warranty.... this is totally contravening ec legislation that you can have your car serviced anywhere without affecting your warranty.... when i angrily told the woman this she put the phone down on me. I went down my local Ford dealer and caused a huge scene about this miss-selling. They offered to do my service for £100 and gave me a years free breakdown to placate me. But it will be the last service Ford will get out of me....... total rip off company.... like all main stealers.

** No Brainer ** Ford Winter Check reduced to £19.99 from £29.99 & get £20 M&S Voucher or 2000 Nectar Points & Winter car care kit
Found 6th Dec 2012Found 6th Dec 2012
** No Brainer ** Ford Winter Check reduced to £19.99 from £29.99 & get £20 M&S Voucher or 2000 Nectar Points & Winter car care kit
£19.99Ford Deals
OK ..... Had a phonecall tonight from Bristol Street Motors advising that the price of the Winter Check has today reduced to £19.99 & Ford are still including the £20 M&S v… Read more
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Rang up Arnold Clarke in Aberdeen about this and they are giving a free winter health check with the free winter kit. So I'm getting a free gift with a free check! I've just bought a new car so at least I'll know the brakes are ok. They'll probaby try to sell me something of course but all I need to do is say no!


Got my M&S voucher a few days ago. It's an e-gift card redeemable either instore or online (there are no special restrictions; usual M&S gift card terms apply). It comes by e-mail direct from Ford so don't forget to provide your e-mail address when you book; there's no 'in person' alternative. Keep checking your spam folder for a few weeks after qualifying!


Is the voucher for M&S normally sent and received via email afterwards from ford dealer, or is it in person at dealer?


you are dead right thanks for that


This is available from all MAIN dealers such as Dagenham Motors. I've just booked, with the M&S vouchers confirmed...!