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Posted 27 November 2022

Forever Diamond Platinum 1ct Total Diamond Solitaire Ring £2,799.20 @ H Samuel

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Treat yaself or the missus. What a discount this is!

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This stunning platinum solitaire ring is from the Forever Diamond collection, known for its patented 73 facets that provide beautiful scintillation.

The total diamond weight of this ring is 1ct. A final dazzling diamond is set within the signature FOREVER on the inside of the shank.


  • Birthstone - April
  • Brand - The Forever Diamond
  • Diamond clarity - I1
  • Diamond colour - I
  • Diamond cut - 73 Facet
  • Material - Platinum
  • Stone colour - Clear
  • Stone setting - Claw
  • Stone shape - Round
  • Stone style - Solitaire
  • Stone type - Diamond
  • Total diamond carat weight - 1.00 ct

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  1. Avatar
    Given the fact that diamonds' scarcity is entirely artificial and they lose more than half the value the moment you walk out of the store, is this still a deal? And provided that it's somewhat ethically mined so you don't end up with blood on your han... er ... finger!
    Good points, mossanite is so much cheaper and sparkles with slight rainbow. Can get 3ct mossanite ring in platinum for about £600. And that’s best colour, 1 step from best cut and 1 step from best clarity.
  2. Avatar
    If you find a special someone who'd be comfortable wearing something so exorbitantly expensive on their finger, politely make your excuses, and get as far away as you can.
    That is not remotely expensive as rings go.
  3. Avatar
    Diamonds are the greatest marketing scam of all time
    Where do NFTs, Crypto currency, fashion, & jewellery in general come on your list then?
  4. Avatar
    Thanks Andrew Tate
  5. Avatar
    I'm trying to understand the logic of how the sale price depreciating to a lower resale value makes a difference to the purchase.

    Surely if the beneficiary likes the ring then the resale value is irrelevant. It is a 'forever' ring after all.
    it shows you the true value of it. these things don't exactly wear out like a tv or a car would so they shouldn't depreciate at all if they are truly made of precious materials. thats the scam. diamonds aren't scarce and it's all a marketing scam by de beers who had a cartel on the diamond industry for like 100 years. they owned 90% of the worlds diamond mines so they restricted supply and created demand artificially through marketing
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    The TOTAL weight of the stones is 1k. The main stone is nothing like that on its own. It is however designed to be a gift for a special occasion and as that nobody is going to worry too much about the resale value on Christmas morning.
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    Spend £2800. Walk out the shop. Try and sale. Lucky if you get £1000 for it. Better off, putting the money, towards something else. IMHO.
    You are right.

    Had a look at the price of a loose diamond from 77 diamonds. A 0.75ct colour I, clarity SI2 (better than I1) diamond is about £1800, so let's say the diamond in this is worth £1500. The ring itself is probably about £200, so £1700 in total.

    £2800 is expensive indeed. These jewellers are no mugs.

    Current price of £2250 is a bit more like it.

    If anyone is in the market though, buy the loose stone from a diamond dealer (preferably abroad like in Dubai, remembering of course to pay the tax at Heathrow ) and let her choose the ring to set the diamond in.
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    Check the colour , cut and clarity . Looks nice.
    Clarity and colour I. Not great
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    Not voting. Good for high street price but clarity is not too great at I1 and presumably cut will be poor too. I got bespoke ring for when I proposed for £3600, same diamond size but much better cut and clarity. Having said that probably not worth it to get such a good cut as most won't notice. Then again you can get cheaper elsewhere
    You could get a £20 zirconia ring from Argos, and most wouldn't notice.

    And rightly so. For the right partner, they simply won't care.
  10. Avatar
    you could take it to a posh pawn shop and see what its truly worth.
    Certainly not that amount! Besides, Clear has no meaning. All need to be graded, quantifiable by internationally recognised gem bodies.
  11. Avatar
    You'd never EVER see H Samuel have a 24ct gold ring reduced from £6999 to £2799, but when it comes to "diamonds" price reductions are meaningless.
  12. Avatar
    VS, VVS, IF, F (majority buy vs, vvs) anything lower is junk Imo, and if you need to sell poor quality later on for whatever reason you will be lucky to get £350. (edited)
    if you are lucky to get £350 then you should only be paying £350 in the first place which means don't buy diamonds they aren't worth it
  13. Avatar
    Buy something in great condition, get it professionally cleaned and pay about 10 to 15% of what a shop says it's worth. I couldn't ever bring myself to buy a diamond from a shop. May as well set fire to your money. (edited)
    So where do you buy from if not from a shop?
  14. Avatar
    + 10.50% TCB! Real steal of the year!
    Depends on who you mean is doing the stealing
  15. Avatar
    Their highly inflated RRP of £6999 is extremely misleading for a l1 clarity 1ct diamond. Better options out there IMHO
  16. Avatar
    For anyone getting engaged get a luckybag and invest the rest
  17. Avatar
    Diamond rings aren’t for an instant resale.
    The purpose of a ring is your partner is supposed to wear it for 50+ years and then it’s eventually passed down to their future grandchildren etc.

    If they ever decide to sell it, this will be worth more than the price paid but will be priceless due to sentimental value and memories.
    Nevertheless, how many products can you buy, which can be used for a life time and still retain value? (edited)
    Literally any rare gem. Any rare gem will retain its value quite well, unlike a diamond. What part of diamonds are not scarce is hard to understand? It will retain the value of the setting plus a little bit for the purported value of the diamond which is not significant. You could even go artificial, buy a similar setting with a more brilliant moissanite, and just pay a few hundred. Then, after a lifetime, it will have retained a lot of its value and it will be worth the same or more as this diamond ring.
  18. Avatar
    Perfect, Christmas gifts sorted for the wife and the mistress. Thanks!
  19. Avatar
    Ordered hope it fits
    As an engagement ring?
  20. Avatar
  21. Avatar
    At that price, I'll have two.
  22. Avatar
    just purchased one for myself coz I'm worth it
  23. Avatar
    Bought to try and reflect the light on to myself to keep me warm this winter, hopefully will work out cheaper than turning the heating on
    You’d probably have better luck with a magnifying glass 🔍 🔥

    PS don’t try this at home (edited)
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    Can I buy it and re sell it to H Samuel for profit ? 😁
  25. Avatar
    I got a flawless princess cut, D clarity .56 diamond for 2k on a platinum ring from the diamond quarter in Birmingham.
    Flawless for 2k.. Hmmmmm
  26. Avatar
    I like that this is in the smart doorbell category.
  27. Avatar
  28. Avatar
  29. Avatar
    You get much more for your money going the custom route... I used Durham Rose (edited)
  30. Avatar
    Check a gia sheet and then look at the rings, imo you want at least an F colour, excellent cut and symmetry , low luminemce, v1 and above, do your research.
    i did my research and diamonds are overpriced. they aren't rare de beers vaults are full of them. plus they can be made now using machines. so I bought sapphire instead. good enough for princess Di and princess Kate

  31. Avatar
    Ordered two! One for my wife and other in case we broke for the second one. This is a stealing!
  32. Avatar
    You rather get a gold ring 24K it will keep it's value
  33. Avatar
    Not best quality of rings. If you want something „special” for that person I would go to an independent shop for anything over £300. Was looking at few in H Samuel and other similar retailers but ended up going with local shop and I’m glad I’ve done it. Check reviews as well, I remember quite a few people were complaining about stones becoming loose after few weeks on these Forever rings. Disappointing when you spend a £1000 on a ring.
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    most important thing is the returns policy
  35. Avatar
    Bargain, bought 10 for eBay
  36. Avatar
    I bought a 1k solitaire 20 years ago the engagement didn't happen and I threw it in a wardrobe and blanked the whole error in judgment and got on with life, Found it 8 months ago when I was looking for my dress studs (still looking) sold it got £500 more than I paid for it so not a great profit once you calculate inflation ect . I only got the resale price because I paid for the cut, clarity, and color. So the moral of this story is if you can't afford an exceptional stone buy solar panels instead they will give you a better return and with a 25-year+ lifespan will probably outlast 80% of marriages but you will probably lose them in the divorce settlement . and where the bloody hell are my dress studs?
    Compared to most other things it is good that it has kept its value. Most other things would be worthless, e.g. an old iPhone (which these days cost upwards of a grand)
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    Lovely if you buy 2 and get them altered into earrings
  38. Avatar
    How do you get it for this price its showing as £3,499 for me