Forge Steel Tool Set in Metal Box 43 Piece Set NOW £29.99 DELIVERED from

Forge Steel Tool Set in Metal Box 43 Piece Set NOW £29.99 DELIVERED from

Found 12th Sep 2008Made hot 12th Sep 2008
Pack Prices (inc. VAT) £24.99 - WAS £64.99

A 43 piece tool set from Forge Steel in a heavy duty metal storage case. Includes chrome vanadium steel pliers, screwdriver bits and screwdrivers with magnetic tips, as well as mini hacksaw and adjustable wrench. AND MUCH MUCH MORE .

4 x screwdrivers: slotted 5.5 x 100mm, 6.5 x 150mm, PH#1 x 100mm, PH#2 x 150mm; 3-way ratchet bit driver; 30 x 25mm bits in plastic box; hexagon quick-change chuck bit holder; 7" combination pliers; 7" heavy duty diagonal pliers; utility knife; 16oz claw hammer with fibreglass handle; 6" junior hacksaw; 8" adjustable wrench; 5m measuring tape.


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Hi. Dont know much about Forge Steel. Are they any good? Anyone use these? Totally DIY use but nice to have tools that will last a few days!

They are marginally better than your budget 99p store tools and will last more than one job. Definitely not for the trade but for DIY use perfect. I actually got there tool bag when they were like £12 which came with pliers and screwdrivers. The screwdrivers were rubbish the only good things that came out of it was the good quality 5M tape measure, hammer and the tool bag itself.

I'm afraid I have a built-in dislike and distrust of companies that have a name that gives the impression it is something else.

Forged Steel, as a product, to me indicates good quality, strong and reliable. Naming the make 'forge steel' makes me think "forger".

They are ok - but only ok. Better than the shockingly expensive and poor quality Stanley tools that are currently on offer. I agree with the comment about the screwdrivers though, they are not the best quality. Best budget tools at the moment are Draper IMHO.

I have however bought the £30 set of Forged Steel levels, they are worth the money and I haven't had any issues with them.

I've also got the set of three levels - very good value for money compared to other options and a good level of accuracy. Worst part of them is the bag they come in! I also have one of their tape measures (8m - I think) which I find much better than my Stanley tapes as it hooks on to things and stays on much better.

Hmm I wouldn't trust the forge steel levels... Only one brand comes to mind when buying Levels. Stabila. Wouldn't touch anything else. You don't see the trade use anything else either.
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