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Free "Nectar" sports concentrate from forgoodnessshakes - FB like!!!
Found 20th Jan 2012Found 20th Jan 2012
Nectar can be likened to lucozade but just more versatile. Go to the facebook page, like it, enter your details to register with them and they will send a free sample of nectar. on… Read more

Thanks sorted


got mine sorted thanks for the heads up on this.


Yes, at mine too. Get creative: acces it on your mobile phone... Or wait till you're home!?;)


do you need to visit their facebook page? Facebook is banned at work...


Thanks Hot

ForGoodnessShakes Recovery Powder Free Sample
Found 22nd Jul 2010Found 22nd Jul 2010
Free sample of their post workout/exercise recovery powder, just add water!

Yes that's what I want it to contain, the perfect high protein foods - oats and a banana! X) This is a deals site, granted this is a free sample so in this respect one can't really complain, but my comments are on the product as a whole, and I stand by what I say. As a, and I quote, "world first" in sports nutrition this is a very poor product. Anyone who knows anything about nutrition will tell you that skimmed-milk powder and 52.4g of sugar (and, yes, in this case it is mostly sucrose) does not constitute a world-leading sports nutrition product, regardless of whether it contains 'vitamins and nutrients'. You would be no worse off if you just bought a Frijj milkshake and took a multivitamin, and you'd save yourself a bit of money on these overpriced products. Or even to take it one step further, buy 4 pints of milk and a bag of sugar and you're sorted- by this example that would also be a world first in sports nutrition!!


What did you expect it to contain in powdered form a couple of bananas and some oats? They do contain vitamins and nutrients as do the other products you've mentioned. I suggest if you want a more protein packed drink make your own.


Got this stuff last time it was posted... very nice, but doesn't compare to myprotein products!


This stuff is a joke, got the free sample last time and it is literally just skimmed milk powder with sugar. All this rubbish about world class recovery and these so called world leading companies in sports nutrition jump on the protein bandwagon and think that by selling powdered milk as a high protein drink this constitutes a recovery drink!! Lucozade did it recently with their sports nutrition range, a real let down for a scientifically advanced company. Similar to the 'Maximuxcle Maxi-milk' deal on here a while back- again just milk and sugar.


This stuff is great. seems nicer as a powder mixed with water than the pre-mixed drinks. Plus it's free ;)

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Free Sample of  For Goodness Shakes Powder -
Found 23rd Apr 2010Found 23rd Apr 2010
Free Sample of For Goodness Shakes Powder - food for sport fill details for samples and voucher

thank you


Yes they all used to do them but now I think it is only Asda. All of the Asdas I have checked store them in the fridges, but make sure you check the long life milk aisle also as some supermarkets put them there as they needn't be refrigerated.


Thank you! :)



got a voucher for one of these ages ago, but couldnt find it in any supermarket!

£5 Off 4 Boxes of For Goodness Shakes - 24 bottles -  Free delivery & 10% off - works out at £27.60 for 24 bottles delivered - Great price to save carting it home from supermarket !
Found 23rd Sep 2009Found 23rd Sep 2009
In deals as no code required. Sports recovery drink. Free delivery & 10% off - works out at £27.60 for 24 bottles delivered. * Delivered direct to you within 3-5 workin… Read more
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I can never find them in Sainsburys and when I do its only ever banana or chocolate. But I get them in Tesco's at £1 a pop :thumbsup: This is only a recent offer in tesco's as they were £1.28 and £1.58 for vanilla, not sure how long the £1 offer will last.


Sainsburys for £1 also i think.


I noticed that these were on offer at Tesco at weekend - £1 each... :thumbsup:


Not sure how this is a good deal when you can buy them for £1 each in Tesco.... cold sorry to say

cases of 6 for goodness shakes from £5.94+discount code £1.25 0ff  4 cases
Found 27th Jan 2009Found 27th Jan 2009
£5.94 for the stramwberry,bannah,choc, £7.56 for vanilla sell in tesco for over £1 use discount code 05DTB01 Ends 10 Feb 09 Discount only save £1.25 off of 4 cases which is 24 bott… Read more

Use this code for more discount: Hope link works. if not use code 05DTB01 Ends 10 Feb 09 Discount only save £1.25 off of 4 cases which is 24 bottles, only a tiny saving but a saving nonetheless


just found out they will be 2 for £1.50@asda 15.01.2009 til 31 march half rice in the co-op 05.01.2009 til 25 jan £1 in tesco 02.01.2009 til 16 jan and 99p in total 05.01.2009 til 1 feb also £1 in sainsburys 01.01.2009 til 20 jan just to let you know


register for 40p vouchers at [url][/url]


These are nice. Heat added. :)


Minimum order is 4 cases, each containing 6 bottles Minimum 2 months shelf life Due to delivery constraints, please order an even number of cases No need to store in a fridge, just keep in a cool, dark place

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Free bottle of Goodness Shakes!
Found 4th Oct 2008Found 4th Oct 2008
For Goodness Shakes is the ultimate recovery food. It provides the optimum blend of nutrition: up to 4-parts carbohydrate to 1-part protein (including the 9 essential amino acids)… Read more

ordered mine, Thanks:)


Ahhh, the presence of amino acids and protein assimilation into stressed muscle tissue are closely entwined and scientifically proven. 0/10 for you, must try harder :-D:-D


Got my free voucher, took ages for me to find a shop that sold it- then it turned up at Tesco's-My son & I have both tasted the chocolate malt one & both of us voted it cold, so not something thats going on my shopping list free or otherwise.


thanks, voted hot


Love the Vanilla, voted hot!!

Found 8th Aug 2008Found 8th Aug 2008
Visit, click on 'Get a bottle FREE' , Submit your details and Get a bottle free!! Before you HUKD veterans vote cold on this one, I am acknowledgi… Read more
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I got a voucher a while back and had some difficulty getting stores to accept it. Sainsburys said would not take voucher unless stock on shelf but it never seemed to be. But it was available in the Sainsburys petrol station. Take the voucher to the petrol station as they seem to stock the shakes there. Banana one was nice.


Nice one. The promo is still ongoing.


Thanks :), I hope its tasty.


I couldnt believe the sugar content in this thing! Though it was a "good for you" equivelent what with the name and everything. Very misleading! :( Tastes good tho ;)


:thumbsup:Ordered thanks OP rekon my son could do with this after a heavy session on RockBand :-D

For Goodness Shakes ! Food For Sport!
Found 21st Apr 2008Found 21st Apr 2008
The RealFood Formula in For Goodness Shakes! delivers both in the right ratio. Unlike lab processed drinks, our milk provides some of the best high biological value proteins known… Read more

Got the Berry one with this voucher the other month and it was delicous! Bought the banana one from Sainsburys Local the other week and it was very average tho. AGGHH!!!!! It's Purple Aki!


heat added


hot, for goodness shakes rock, berry blast all the way

brendanaudis get ur free sample here. i posted this deal a few months back but got voted down?? i got my free voucher delivered through the post and tescos accepted it fine


Excellent. Voted hot thanks...

Free Bottle of For Goodness Shakes
Found 17th Jan 2008Found 17th Jan 2008
Get your free bottle of this great tasting sports recovery drink. Plus you can also request the Mens Health Ultrafit Guide. Be quick!!!

:thinking: I never seem to receive my freebies?


got mine a week back... heat added... thanks alot


Woooo more freebies.


thanks, heat added


Got mine. Adding Heatttttttttttt :thumbsup:

Free bottle of "for goodness shakes"
Found 14th Dec 2007Found 14th Dec 2007
Go to fill in your details and wahay a free bottle for you. Comes in various flavours, quite good for a nutritional sports drink I would have to say : he… Read more
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Received my voucher and went to get one the other day. They're bloody gorgeous!


received mine today !!


cheers mate !!!


Nice post :thumbsup: Heat added


hot link

Request a sample of drink
Found 14th Nov 2007Found 14th Nov 2007
Request a sample We are looking to support elite athletes, sports teams and clubs in the UK. If you are an elite sportsperson or a member of a top club please fill in the form belo… Read more
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Sub-Zero. 95% of the people on here can't actually use this offer.


Same here


"Server Not Found!"


hot! why couldnt it be red bull :)


You're very welcome. Gosh, isn't this such a polite place to be!!! :-D