Formil Washing Liquid - BIo or non Bio £2.39 @ Lidl

Formil Washing Liquid - BIo or non Bio £2.39 @ Lidl

Found 16th Dec 2012
Superb washing powder, smells lovely and washes as good as the A brand.
28 washed for just 2.39


Do they have this in capsule form?

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I think they may


I think they may

thanks will give it a try

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Here is the Aldi version also!

do you know how many washes this is for? May give it a try. thanks

sorry just seen it in the title.

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You wont be disappointed, they do a 2 in 1 bio, and it smellls so so ncie, and the fragrance lasts for ages.

Is this reduced at the moment or normal price?

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Normal price - just felt is time to tell uk about it
as such a good product

This is excellent stuff, use it all the time. Lidl concentrated gel is also good and less than half the price of the A brand.
Although this is the normal price it is occasionally discounted as I stocked up when £1.99 earlier in the year.

So how does this compare to the powder, Is there a difference in quality?

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I not used powder in years
All i know is this stuff works brill

Where about do you put the liquid. In the despensor or sight into the drum

It can go in either. I prefer to use a soft dosing ball in the drum as the soap drawer will need less cleaning.
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