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Fortnite - Spider-Man Zero Outfit (DLC) Epic Games Key GLOBAL £1.59 @ Eneba / Games key shop

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Spider-Man Zeros war Skin includes spider drone backpack.

New to Fortnite stuff (late to the party I know) my son just recently started playing it and wanted Spiderman skin. Not sure if this can be unlocked or not but he wanted it and couldn't wait, thought it was a decent price compared to buying vbucks.

Redeem on epic account at epicgames.com
Eneba More details at Eneba

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    My boy has also started playing FORTNITE and was constantly asking for skins etc.

    My advice is buy the season pass (900 vbucks) if you haven't already. They get to unlock lots of outfits (skins) etc listed here
    estnn.com/for…ss/ and you get 1500 vbucks back.

    Good advice and if he does the quests you can easily get 1000v bucks as he progresses so can keep buying the season pass.
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    If your account is connected to pc then you can buy pc skins which will also be on your Xbox or ps account. You can't use this directly on a console, it's pc only. You can get batman and Harly Quinn cheap aswell.
    “You can’t use this directly on a console, it’s PC only”

    Not correct. What I think you mean is that the code has to be redeemed via the Epic games website (which can be accessed via a browser on any device - phone, tablet, PC, console). What’s important is that the console account eg Xbox Live account has been linked to / used to sign in to the Epic Games website.

    But to say it’s “PC only” is incorrect.

    Once redeemed on the Epic games site to a linked console account the cosmetics will then be available on all platforms as long as sign in is via that account.
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    Thanks for this. One nice surprise and a happy son without breaking the bank.

    I'll also look into the season pass option and see what's involved with that. Though TBH, just playing for free has worked okay so far, though he hasn't been playing it for too long, so maybe I've been lucky so far.
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    How do you redeem this code? I’ve signed in to epic games and redeemed the code but the skin is not in the inventory?
    Whatever account you had signed in to the Epic games website at the time now has the skin in that account.

    So I would imagine you were signed in to Epic games with one account and you are now looking in the inventory with a different account… that would be my thought from the info you have shared.
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    I'm not a fan of that picture of spidey- he looks like he's wearing high heels. That's not the Spider Man of my youth!
    He's on his tip toes, he does that all the time too climb
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    Got this for my son, he is chuffed!
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    is it just me or is it that checkout isnt working i only have paypal and debit i have tried paying for it tice now and it just gets stuck on ¬arranging products¬ page
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    It works, bought 3 and all worked, I just logged into epic games website > my account > redeem. Once you place the code you also have to confirm and claim. When I logged into Fortnite it was there waiting for me.