Fortnum & Mason magazine - FREE one year subscripton

Fortnum & Mason magazine - FREE one year subscripton

Found 28th Nov 2007
Get a taste of Fortnum's delivered to your door with their inspiring new magazine. For your free annual subscription, click on weblink and fill in your details, or write to: Fortnum & Mason, 181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER. Offer ends 24th December 2007.

This is a historic store in London offering specialty goods. They've been around since 1707, situated opposite the Royal Academy. I love to come here for the occasional cherry truffles (yum liquid liquer chocs with real cherry in it), fancy gifts for close family and friends, and sometimes go in for a treat for a formal lunch in their restaurant (best to reserve your place).


I did that, but it doesn't mention the magazine (or did I miss something?)

isn't this just a catalogue?
I cant find anything about this being free here is what you may expect to pay…spx

Hi Guys,

This posting should be taken down until the offer is clarified.

Seems like a drive to get peoples details, I registered and have received nothing.:thumbsup:

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I've received the mag that's why I posted it after receiving it. The annual subscription is free for a year.

Um I have a postcard thingy that has the offer, if I scan that how do I place the image online for free? Can someone advise me pls.

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oh ok guys ... sorry i found out what the problem is.

here's the correct link [url][/url]

for some reason it goes straight to…spx

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isn't this just a catalogue?

if you click on Magazine (at the bottom of page in the listing) you'll be brought to the Magazine section. Middle section: you can click and have a taster look at what the current issue magazine looks like. Design and photography is good. Don't need to purchase like I said, and this is a posh place not some dodgy deal so they have to value privacy of their customers.

Thanks for that, kip

good for free i think,registered thanks

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cheers everyone. update: i finally found a way to post piccys now for forum use so here's the link for the scanned leaflet that I got in the post:…BED

Think I will treat myself to the £20,000 |Xmas hamper, gotta be better than the farepak hamper :whistling: :whistling:…spx

Good grief. They do say a fool and his money will soon be parted. The mark up at that store must be amazing. Look at this kids hamper for £40. The contents not including the basket couldn't have cost more than a couple of quid - a fiver at the most. I wonder if you can buy shares...…spx

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lol, didn't see that hamper for £20k. whoa. ok when i posted the free mag deal, i wasn't expecting people to shop there. i look at the 'styles' for ideas to decorate my own xmas tree, pressies etc ...
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