Forza 2 for £10 when you trade certain games in

Forza 2 for £10 when you trade certain games in

LocalFound 11th Jun 2007
Forza Motorsport 2 only seem to be doing the £15 offer online only.

Popped into the branch and they were willing to do trade in. Traded my copy of Fight Night 3 and paid £10.

Thought it was a really good deal. Other possible games i think are:

Virtual Tennis 3
Rainbow 6
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Not sure why people are voting this cold (-35). The deal itself is okay - similar to the blockbuster one...
Just phoned up my local Gamestation, this is only for Forza 2, not all 360 games like the Blockbuster one.
Hmmm, strange. I just calle my local gamestation, and they said I could only get Forza 2 if I was trading in Spiderman, C&C or Pirates Of The Caribbean. Anyone know if the person I spoke to made a mistake perhaps?
phoned game st and said if traded in nfs carbon for forza-it would be £26 extra
Is anyone able to clarify this deal at all?

Would be much appreciated!
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