Forza Motorsport 3 (Xbox 360) £11.47 delivered @ Amazon

Forza Motorsport 3 (Xbox 360) £11.47 delivered @ Amazon

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getting even cheaper!

* Where dreams are driven: More than 400 fully customizable and tunable cars from over 50 of the world's leading manufacturers, the return of world-famous tracks including Suzuka, Nürburgring Nordschleife and the Sebring International Raceway along with new environments like the gorgeous mountainous Montserrat region in Spain, the rugged Amalfi Coast in Italy and the American Southwest.

The look and feel of a modern racing game: With more than 10 times the amount of polygons as Forza Motorsport 2, enjoy painstakingly researched cockpits and the differences in how each car handles through the corners, how the engines sound at top speed or how different tires and upgrades impact your car's performance.
* It's easy to go for a spin: Using a myriad of cutting-edge driving and gameplay assists such as auto-braking, gameplay rewind and auto-tuning, enter an experience where everyone can have fun behind the wheel, regardless of your skill and dexterity.
* Express your car passion: User-generated content and Xbox LIVE. Painters and tuners will once again be able to showcase creativity through the celebrated Livery Editor, Auction House and deep tuning garage in "Forza Motorsport 3." The car is literally the artistic canvas as some of the world's most creative car painters and designers find new layers of depth and freedom to create shocking visual masterpieces before sharing them with others over Xbox LIVE. Each car in "Forza Motorsport 3" is fully upgradable, allowing gear heads to take on the challenge of turning a Honda Civic into a supercar killer. New Xbox LIVE Leaderboards celebrate not only the greatest racers but also the most prolific car tuners and painters in the community.
* Play your way: An innovative single-player season mode puts you through a completely personalized racing calendar that includes more than 200 different events, including Circuit, Oval, Drag, Drift and Timed Events. No two calendars are the same
* They react to the cars you love and the races you enjoy most. In addition, the online multiplayer mode* gains an all-new game rules editor. This gives players a never-ending variety of ways to play with friends.


anyone know what other driving simulation game will be coming out for xbox 360?

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forza 4 ? idea :P

#1 There's Formula 1

I'm looking forward to WRC later this year, I prefer off road racing games and this looks really good.

Forza 3 got boring very quickly for me and I'm hiring a driver to get the last achievement - solid gold. 90 hours in and still only 72% there!!

nah gt5 will be better then this

£11.47 now lol, still awesome price

Great price, still a very good game I'd addicted to it haha


nah gt5 will be better then this

I might believe that if it's ever released...

not really a sim, but BLUR is a great game.

"Forza 3 got boring very quickly for me"

I would agree with that to, but worth a look at this price

Can't believe how cheap this has got already, fantastic game

Great price, great game. I loved it and thought it was one of the best driving games i've played. What is noticable is your get a great feeling of the road and with that comes a feeling of being able to control and understand the car.....gutted my xbox carked it though so i moved onto a ps3 as i'm not lining microsofts pockets buying new consoles when they produce duff ones. Roll on GT5 for me now

Price showing as £15.48 :-(
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