Forza Motorsport 3 Xbox 360 £12.99 @ Zavvi
Forza Motorsport 3 Xbox 360 £12.99 @ Zavvi

Forza Motorsport 3 Xbox 360 £12.99 @ Zavvi

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Forza Motorsport 3

next cheapest i can see is £16.85 @ Shopto


Forza Motorsport 3 is the definitive racing game. All 400-plus cars in the game have been built with more than 10 times the amount of polygons as Forza Motorsport 2. This includes painstakingly researched cockpits and interiors for every vehicle. But realism isn't just about pretty graphics. Turn 10 takes realism to new heights, with the most advanced physics model, artificial intelligence and damage calculations. Whether it's the differences in how each car handles through the corners, how the engines sound at top speed or how different tires and upgrades impact your car's performance, you'll find yourself leaning into your turns as if you were really behind the wheel of your favourite ride.

Forza Motorsport 3 rises above the distinction between simulation and arcade games. Using a myriad of cutting-edge driving and gameplay assists such as auto-braking, game play rewind and auto-tuning, Forza 3 delivers an experience where everyone can have fun behind the wheel, regardless of your skill and dexterity. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned racing game pro, Forza Motorsport 3 caters to how you drive and evolves with you over time as your skills increase.

* Where Dreams are Driven: Featuring the latest and greatest production offerings as well as the world's fastest and most exotic street cars, Forza Motorsport 3 offers more than 400 fully customisable and tunable cars from over 50 of the world's leading manufacturers. In addition to the return of world-famous tracks from previous Forza Motorsport games, Forza 3 invites you to conquer the corners on more than 100 tracks, including new environments like the gorgeous mountainous Montserrat region in Spain, the rugged Amalfi Coast in Italy and the American Southwest.
* Express Your Car Passion: Painters and tuners will once again be able to showcase creativity through the celebrated Livery Editor, Auction House and Deep Tuning Garage in Forza 3. The car is literally the artistic canvas as some of the world's most creative car painters and designers find new layers of depth and freedom to create shocking visual masterpieces before sharing them with others over Xbox LIVE. Each car in Forza 3 is fully upgradable, allowing gear heads to take on the challenge of turning a Honda Civic into a supercar killer.
* Play Your Way: Forza 3 is an epic racing game featuring more content and more ways to play than any racing title today. An innovative single-player season mode puts you through a completely personalised racing calendar that includes more than 200 different events, including Circuit, Oval, Drag, Drift and Timed Events. No two calendars are the same - they react to the cars you love and the races you enjoy most. In addition, the online multiplayer mode gains an all-new game rules editor.

dont forget cashback as well


was available for £10 [second user] at blockbuster today

both good deals

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was available for £10 [second user] at blockbuster todayboth good deals

i`d perfer the extra for a new copy

thats good

What's the difference really. I never buy new - always buy preowned and never had a problem. Saved a small fortune too. Also, with Blockbuster you can sometimes pick up sealed copies of games that have been traded in. Recently got Gears of War 2 GOTY 'SEALED' for £4.95! Barganacious I'd say!


i`d perfer the extra for a new copy

well people have a choice, as i said, both are great deals

iirc, each new copy comes with a free DLC code, chances are that a 2nd hand copy will have already had it's DLC code used.

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iirc, each new copy comes with a free DLC code, chances are that a 2nd … iirc, each new copy comes with a free DLC code, chances are that a 2nd hand copy will have already had it's DLC code used.

that is very true

got this but never play it

Great deal. The forza games are usually the best driving games. I paid a lot more for this when it first came out, voted hot.

Great price. I know I will end up spending many hours on this. Nearly went and bought this in store this weekend. glad I held out.


a couple of things I'm a tiny bit disappointed with about Forza 3,

1) Very weak sounds/audio. Engines don't sound beefy enough. Mods don't change the sounds of the cars as they should (especially exhausts etc). Inaccurate sounds (EG some turbo cars don't have dump valves, while some do. Even then, those that do, all incorrectly have atmospheric dump valves, not recirculating?). Poor music especially compared to forza 2. Could also say no tyre screeches on bad tyres/setups, but that was probably by design as they do get pretty annoying.

2) Slightly inaccurate performance stats. Some cars are blatantly rated higher/lower than they should be. On what planet is a Focus ST ever quicker than an ST205 besides on planet Forza? In several places there are also two almost identical cars, one has lower top speed, lower acceleration, lower launch, lower handling, yet is given a higher performance index?

3) Really annoying niggly thing where dashboards are in MPH, yet the speedo needle goes up as if its in KPH. EG reads 160 when you're actually doing 100, and spends most of the time past the end of the clock.

Apart from those niggly things, this is my favourite driving sim by far, out of any that have ever been released. And obviously as somebody who is that picky that a dodgy speedo needle annoys the hell out of me, thats a pretty high accolade to achieve.

Hot deal.

Zavvi says SOLD OUT. So i bought it from The hut at the same price plus quidco. Good deal though
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